I had an endo appointment today as it’s been just at 2 months since my diagnosis and he suggested that I think about using a CGM to help me catch when my sugar just drops like it did the other night. He told me to research it and see what I think.

My concern is that I don’t want to be hooked up to something 24/7 and is it really worth the added expense? They are expensive and it would be something that I pay for out of pocket, but if it’s worth it then I don’t mind the expense.

Oh he mentioned the dexcom seven plus as the one he’d suggest.

Thanks for any input!


I haven’t used one personally…but I have seen other people talk about using one on loan for a few days, which seems like your best option at this point. I’m not sure if this is done through your endo though or directly through the CGM company…so hopefully others will respond…if not try asking asking your endo if he has ever done anything like this… The benefit is that you get a chance to see how they actually feel and work before paying for one.

My son uses the dexcom 7 plus and i would highly recommend them. Yes, there is something attached to you 24/7 but it is small and the receiver that shows the number is wireless and can be in your purse, pocket ect…Sleep is important here and we all sleep better knowing BG is in range. Many insurance companies that wouldn’t cover them 6 months ago are now covering them because they see the benefit of a smaller SD and fewer highs and lows in the long term. If you have coverage, it would be well worth the cost. Out of pocket they are expensive, but once again, well worth the cost if you can afford the out of pocket cost.

I absolutely love the 7+. For me there is no going back.

When you read the forums you will find people who had no success with CGMs and others who love their CGM. It is hard to predict into which category you will fall. I was very much on the fence when I decided to try the 7+ and all the reading pales compared to the experience. Dexcom gives a 30 day money-back guarantee. Go for your own experience. After 30 days you will know.

Here is a link to a video about CGMs. It is a little bit dated but still the best video I know of.

My diabetes educator said that most insurance companies will pay for five days of CGM four times a year. If that’s the case for you, maybe you can try it out and see what you think.

I tried it for five days and learned a LOT. I’m really glad I did it – but I wouldn’t like having something hooked up to me 24/7 besides my OmniPod. It’s possible that I might get used to it, but five days was enough for this gal for starters.

I agree on his advice re Dexcom 7 Plus :slight_smile: So nice to put in one sensor and not have to worry about it for seven days or more. Many people get more than 7 days on the sensor. For some reason or another, we usually get ten days with no problem. That would be three sensors a month. We go a few days between sensors to let skin heal and/or if it is not the weekend and her numbers are not wacky. If you tape Dex down, you may be able to get much more time which would reduce your expense. Yes, it is definitely worth it for us. As far as wearing two sites, you can always wear Dex part time.

So I called the dexcom company today and the monitor would cost, if paying cash, 1200 bucks and then for four sensors, which they say is a months supply, 400 dollars. I think this might be a slight stretch of my budget! I’m not sure that having the piece of mind is something I can afford! They did however have great suggestions for endocrinologists in my area that isn’t associated with my current endo that I don’t cafe for at all.

Thanks for the information on CGMs… It’s helping in my decision!