Upper back pain and left arm

hi friends,

Have any of you ever felt back pains or arm pains that feel like a sore muscle or knotted nerve?

i feel it in my left upper arm when i bring my arm towards the back.
Is this due to diabetes? or anxiety?

i been reading about it on different websites and they all say different

Anybody ever experienced this?

yes, recently, neck and shoulder pain that radiates to my right side over my shoulder and down to my elbow - been going on for a few weeks, nothing helps - this is a new thing since I started taking novalog pen on an "as needed" basis.

Have you been exercising or lifting recently? What you describe sounds like it might be a shoulder injury, perhaps a rotator cuff. This can cause inflammation, compressing the nerves. When I have injured my shoulder, I have had pain starting at my shoulder and going all the way down my arm making sleep almost impossible.

Diabetes seems to make us more vulnerable to these sorts of injuries, whether it is rotator cuff problems, frozen shoulderor bursitis.

If you can't trace the pain to a particular incident, it could be diabetes related frozen shoulder. From what I understand, that's fairly common and i went through it myself a couple of years ago.

did your shoulder ever get better? -

it's a little bit better today, did not hurt as much, but i got the occasional sting or nail feeling in the upper arm when i do a certain movement.

I guess it's either diabetes related or anxiety or just lack of rest.

i will keep you posted...

thanks for the replies you guys are awesome.

a little update since i last posted here.

my back is better, i still have the occasional muscle pain but it got better, i been sleeping more and taking some rivotril at bedtime to help me sleep and i wake up less anxious in the morning and i have a better day.

I try not to worry anymore of getting a hypo and i make sure i always have a snack when it's my 10 o'clock break. My programming courses are getting better and better, learning advanced algorithms and Java language. My memory and concentration are so much better ever since i eliminated the anxiety and the sugar spikes, the metformin helped too.

If you feel something is wrong don't be afraid to tell your doctor, i knew something was wrong and i expressed it in person and in writing and they helped.

Thank you for mentioning this. I've had abnormal (for me) severe shoulder pain that started right when the first LADA symptoms began to show. My chiropractor adjusts, but the pain returns within hours.

Be well. I hope you realize lasting relief.