Upset Stomach

What should I do for an upset stomach?
Thanks for any advice!

I’ve been very low carb for one week. My bs readings are 90-140 after being 300-500. To me, that is remarkable. I’m a second grade teacher, so I have the usual “teacher stress.” My meds haven’t changed since going low carb. I’m on Levemir 42 am/pm and humalog. I have more energy which is quite a plus!! I just have terrible upset stomach at night around midnight.

Hi Nini so sorry to hear you are having tummy pain. I have been low carbing it for almost 2 months. I find that if I eat anything greasy or higher fat for my dinner, I will get a tummy ache at night. I usually just wait it out and it will go away. Sometimes I do take a couple of tums and it seems to help me out. I feel anytime you change your diet it affects your system. Drink plenty of water during the day and just keep doing what your doing. You may even have a virus. Happy to hear your BG readings are so awesome! I feel if I can just figure out how much of my insulin’s to take at night time I have better readings to. I am still working on my Dawn Phenomena problem with insulin ratio.

Thank you Yolanda. I tend to have my higher fats in the evening, so I will try eliminating that for a while and see if it works. You may be right about a virus - being around a classroom of 7 and 8 year olds all day! I’m anxious to share my readings with my dr this week! Have a good week.

Nini I am just checking in on you. Feeling any better? I to am around children for 12 hours a day. I teach preschool with before and after care and often have many sneezes and sniffles and runny noses around me daily. The funny thing is I think my immune system is stronger after doing this for 10 years!

Since you mention you are on oral medications, I suspect you may be taking Metformin which has a side effect of “an upset stomach” so how about reading the group that discusses Metformin for ideas people are bound to have shared in the past as it is a very common side effect of metformin. Even the web site of the pharmaceutical company that makes it should have recommendations. There are specific recommendations of how to take it to minimize the feeling.

Nope! Not on Metformin.

I am feeling much better having my fattier meals earlier in the day. No fatty late night snacks anymore seems to be working. Thank you for all the advice everyone.