US Government Health Benefits

I was wondering if anyone is or knows of anyone employed by the US Government (particularly the VA health system) that has an insulin pump and glucose sensor. I’m wondering what kind of coverage the many Insurance plans has for these devices. Any details would be appreciated. Thanks for any information. I’m going to try to get some benefit packages to investigate as well.


I am not “employed” by the US Government - anymore, but I receive all my healthcare through the VA healthcare program. Being a Vietnam Veteran, my pancreas was destroyed by agent orange and I have both a insulin pump and cgms provided by the VA for me.

Thanks Ron, I’m glad to hear that the VA provides it for you. Sorry to hear about the cause!!

I can’t help (yet) but my husband is about to be employed by the DoD - if anyone has any information on best plans to choose for cgms and pump, I’d love to know too. If I find out anything, I’ll be sure to post it. Thanks!