Use of plant sterols to reduce cholesterol

the usual cholesterol medications like statins give me muscle weakness so my wife discovered plant sterols that have been proved to reduce LDL by 14% which is sufficient for me because I am at an overall cholesterol level of 200 with small sized particles.
So I am interested in communicating my positive experience to others and also finding out your experiences.
I am also wondering if large doses of plant sterols might actually affect my other stress hormones adversely, as I have been having very high BG after intense exercise unlike before and this has occurred at the same time as taking this supplement.

Here is a research article about this.
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I am taking a different product called CholestOff which has 900 mgs of plant sterols/stanols. It does not affect my glucose levels at all. I haven’t had a lipid test since taking it, but hoping for the best.

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Thank you Marilyn6! I found it on Swanson’s website where we usually purchase our vitamins and supplements. I will discuss it with my wife who is wise in these areas! The plant sterol supplement I mentioned is no longer available at Swanson"s.

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