Use 'physical distancing,' not 'social distancing'

I’m a person who likes language precision because I think it matters. As this pandemic spreads across the world, the media inundated us with this new term, social distancing. While I have made much use of the term, it didn’t seem accurate to me.

We continue to socially interact using forums like this, the phone, texting, emailing, and video calling. This modern technology allows us to harness the benefits of social connections without the requirement of physical proximity.

I understand that the WHO and others now choose to use the term, physical distancing instead of social distancing. I like this word choice because it better describes what we’re trying to do.

All of us who interact here can certainly understand the distinction. Few of us have ever met in person but we do share important social connection.

We need social connection now more than ever to help us get through this difficult time. Please adopt this change here because I do think that words matter. What do you all think?

Check out this video showing many grandkids singing Happy Birthday to grandma from across her lawn as she beams from the front porch.


I also read or heard about the WHO using the term “physical distancing” rather than “social distancing” and I agree with their change.

I think that if a global pandemic had to happen eventually, we live in the right time for it to have happened. Imagine having to do physical distancing even just 25 years ago. No one would have the benefit of the internet, social media, online classes, streaming services, video conferencing, text messaging, online gaming, tablets and apps, online shopping, and grocery delivery. It would be a whole lot harder than it already is.

Coming together socially and communities supporting one another is more important now than it’s ever been.


Social distancing kinda sounds like “stay off Facebook” etc.


We physical distanced this morning by packing snacks and tea. Driving up to a little park on a small river,woods,snow on the other side. We watched eagles flying overhead. And ice pieces floating down crashing in the small rocks. Just a beautiful peaceful scene. Nancy50


Isn’t social distancing the product of email, texting, and the so-called “social media” platforms?

I guess a bar shows up across the bottom you have to hit to get the full picture!
I have no idea why it changed to this presentation!

Yes, its better to use physical distancing than social distancing.

Social distancing sounds like staying away from social media platforms & not using them.

Too many experts - do they think we have no idea how to live?

How did I ever get this far without them and the net?

Never really thought about it until now. It is true…we aren’t social distancing. :slight_smile: