Just joined and i have a few questions

Well ive been type1 for 10 years now. my diabetes history is pretty awful. at the time my mom was on disability and we lived 3hours from Sacramento, so she couldnt take me to a specialist often. so when i got my pump i never went back again so i never got proper training to use my pump. i mediocre took care of myself. we moved to GA and i was kicked off of medicaid because i was 19 at the time, so i had no way to get insulin or pump supplies anymore. and it was 2009. GA was still suffering from the recession and i couldnt land a job because no one was hiring. i lived off of charity of a free clinic i went to. finally got a job and attend school and i used all of my 20hour 7.25 an hour paycheck on rent and diabetic supplies. still not ever being able to see a doctor or an educator.

fast forward to recently. had insurance under the marketplace and now i have some through my job. I have an endo, but he doesn’t take care of me. He started me on tresiba and afrezza. my A1C was 9%. The tresiba is god send. I love it. the afrezza worked for the first couple of months. its been 4months and afrezza doesnt work like it use to. I have to use double of what i used to use which i didnt figure out till i read some forums here. I called my dr. office and one of his techs said that other paitents are saying the same thing.

I think i need a new fast acting insulin but i dont know which one. for years ive been using novolin R because thats all i could afford.

i just bought some novolin R because i’m losing hope. but i’m sort of scared to use it because i dont want to go low. sigh. my primary care doctor referred me to a new endo, but i havent recieved any phone calls and she didnt exactly hand me a referral or anything, so idk how thats going to work. i am lost, so here i am :slight_smile:

I use Humalog Quick Pen. It works pretty will for me.

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Humalog is a good fast acting insulin and I use it because its all gone at 3 hrs for me. It tends to be pricey if you don’t have good insurance or high deductible. Novolin R is $25 dollars for a vial at Walmart and tends to work slower and last a little bit longer 4-5 hrs. If planned correctly and you don’t mind vial/syringe it should work. And yeah Tresiba is great :slight_smile:

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Find out if you can get a new endo who actually knows what a Type 1 needs. Humalog and Novolog are both good fast-acting insulins and are very commonly-used Type 1 insulins. They do act differently and one may work better for one person and be totally useless for the other.

See if you can find an Endo who fights for YOU and what works for YOU. I have no doubt that my Endo would fight for me to use another common fast-acting insulin if it wasn’t working

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The other commonly-prescribed fast insulin is Apidra. As mentioned above, each one behaves somewhat differently. Some work better for some people than for others, but the point is that there is a choice and one of them is almost certain to give you good results.

Joy, you should try the Afrezza group on Facebook, there’s a lot more experience there then here, a lot more. Maybe some answers as to why it’s not as effective for you.