Vacation and pump vacation

As I write to you, our bags are packed for a week on the beach! This will be a much needed time of re-cooperation and relaxation as our lives have been chaotic and in transition! So it is time to get away for a bit…

So I won’t be around TuDiabetes for about a week-- which for some of you might not seem like much-- but when you spend at least an hour here everyday, it’s a long time to be away!

I decided to go back to injections for the week and take my pump off. So I’m currently not wearing any pump!! It feels very strange. But I wanted to freedom to go snorkeling without worries. I will report on how much I missed the pump in a week!

Have a good week!! I think we will :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful vacation, and I will look forward to hear about your vacation and your pump vacation as I have been toying with the idea of a pump break.


Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy being off the pump:) hope you post picks

i know what you mean about it feeling weird to be pump free. but i hope you enjoy you vacation and look forward to hearing about it. :slight_smile: