Vacation from your pump

I an a newbie pumper...not even 3 months. I have read on different forums that some pumpers take a "vacation" from their pump for a while. Is this something that everyone does from time to time? What was the catalyst that made you take the vacation? MD's advice, something else? Just curious.


I have no interest in taking a vacation from my pump. Back to injections? No way!

Krztina, A vacation, what's that? LOL I can't see why anyone would take a vacation from the pump & go back to several shots a dayZ Personally, I would never unless something happened to the pump or necessary due to surgery etc. How are you coming along with your new pump? what kind is it. Good Luck! Keep us posted. Betts

Me either....

I am part of a Type 1 meet-up group, and someone in there mentioned that at our last meeting. She would "take a vacation" from her pump while on vacation. That way she didn't have to worry about anything going wrong with the device, but she did have to switch back to long-acting and short-acting, giving herself multiple shots a day.

Personally, I find it so much easier to control my diabetes WITH my pump, that I'd have a very difficult time re-learning to take 6 shots a day.

I agree with you 100%! The pump gives you so much more freedom.

The pump can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to wear with some dresses. To me this is a huge downside because during my pre-pump days it was easy to put on a comfortable, matching outfit ready to go. Also I have a ton of scar tissue problems in the only area my pump works which is the lower stomach. When the insulin stops absorbing which is about once a week it is so frustrating. The scar tissue problem and the insulin absorption problems that come with that issue seriously makes me think of taking a break from the pump. I just would be afraid of getting the amount of long term insulin wrong at this point because I no longer know my dosage.

The day I go back to MDI is the day when they prise my cold, dead fingers off the buttons of my pump!


Sarah, I understand perfectly . I've been wearing the pump for 4 &1/2 yrs. now & after 4 yrs. I had too much scar tissue in my stomach area & had to switch to my sides & also switch to the sure-t infusion sets(steel needle instead of teflon canula. I hate it, cause it is more complicated & I can't do it myself due to arthritis, so my hubby has to do it for me.Patience & details are not his virtue.LOL My daughter is diabetic also & has worn a pump for 11 years so when my husband is out of town for a few daYS she changes it for me which is a blessing!

I had to take a break on vacation because I had a blonde moment while packing and left my pump supplies at home. fortunately I did however bring my long and short as a back up plan. It was freeing in a way because sleeping with it was not an issue when before it was laways in the way. Swimming was awesome. So it has its upsides but my control was not the same so it had its downside too