Vacationing in cooler weather

I just returned from vacation.The weather was a little cooler especially at night.I stayed on my mother-in-law's houseboat.My eating was basically the same and my basal rates during the daytime were good.When I would test in the night I was getting high readings.My basal rate is 12am .50

4am .100

6 am .275

I found that I had to increase it to 12am .125 till 6am.I am wondering if the cooler weather was to blame for the increase.When I returned home I referred to my original basal rate and I was stable through the night.Any comments would be helpful.

I dont know how weather would affect your readings, but if you were at a different altitude, that could be the problem. I went to a camp for diabetics last month and it was at about 6000 ft elevation and normally im at about sea level, but my numbers were really low the entire trip. when I got back, my numbers spiked (then a week later my pump broke so that was no help) but some people’s numbers were really high at the elevation we were at. So what Im saying is perhaps the altitude just affected you if you were at an altitude.

Wierd - I go sailing every year (leaving next week) for 3 weeks - when it’s abit cooler - and I find I use less insulin - so I’m opposite to you. I’m not sure whether or not I’m going to be going back onto my pump this week - since I’ve been taking a pump holiday since April - but the pump will be abit easier for me - if we’re in some tricky situations for sailing - and I won’t have to worry so much about pricking myself in the wrong area of my body with my pen needle.

Where abouts were you holidaying in your Mum-in-law’s houseboat? I’m heading up to the 1,000 Islands and then into Lake Ontario - hope to get as far as Rochester, NY - but all depends on weather, etc.

technically, hot weather decreases your insulin resistance. Cold weather increases it. Now, how that will effect the individual, your guess is a s good as mine. We are all different, so…