Victoza - 48 hours

It’s been over two days since my first Victoza shot. See my previous blog posts for how it was in the beginning.

After lunch yesterday my blood sugar remained high (about 210) despite corrections. It was not until I started giving myself my normal basal insulin that it finally came down. I was a little more hungry after lunch yesterday. I’ve got to start storing some healthy snacks in the Teen Center. Without them I ended up with M&Ms to munch on throughout the afternoon. This could easily have contributed to my high sugars.

I finally stopped the increased basal around 3:45pm and my sugars started dropping. They continued their downward trend until I ate dinner around 6:00pm. At that point I was about 130 and I had a typically unhealthy meal. I ate a lean cuisine Swedish meatballs dish and supplemented it with a small place of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. About an hour after dinner I had about 4 oz. of 1% milk and 2 double stuffed Oreo’s. I did not bolus for the milk and Oreos as my sugars were starting to drop low.

Around 10:30pm my blood sugar was about 120 and my Dexcom needed to be restarted. I, unfortunately, fell asleep before it needed to be calibrated at 12:30am. I do know that around 4am I woke up and felt very low. I had a small juice box (15g carbs) and went back to sleep. At 6:30am I woke again and finally calibrated the Dex. At that time my sugars were at 177. This is a very low blood sugar for me after a severe night time low. Usually the next morning I shoot up over 300 and am miserable all day. I did not correct at 6:30am because I wanted to see what would happen with my sugars. I did go back to sleep. Apparently I was exhausted because I didn’t wake again until 11:30am! At this time my glucose reading was 164. I decided to wait until lunch to correct, wanting to see what my sugars did over the next half hour.

I didn’t make it until lunch time (noon) before I started to feel the nausea that comes from to long without eating on Victoza. Around 11:45 I ate a half orange which seemed to satisfy that need for food. After the orange I gave myself my Victoza shot of 5 clicks, .3 mgs., and decided to make lunch. Unfortunately I was out of fresh eggs so I ended up making a frozen Aunt Jemima scrambled eggs/hashbrowns/sausage breakfast. I read the wrong box and bolused for 35g of carbs instead of the 19 in this breakfast. I’m waiting to see if it will be a problem but I think the extra insulin will actually just cover the orange and the fact that my sugars were high. My biggest fear with this meal was the high amount of fat (21g!) as my doctors said that too much fat would make me nauseous. Right now I have that gross feeling like I ate a greasy meal but the nausea don’t seem to be a problem. I am still on my full basal insulin dosage.

Sometimes I think I’m writing these blog posts at the wrong times since my most noticeable Victoza affects see to be in the after lunch hours and you’re not getting those until 24 hours later. I may start writing this before dinner instead of after lunch but we’ll see how the next couple days go. Tomorrow I am supposed to up my dosage to 10 clicks, .6 units, but I think I’m going to give myself one more day on my current dosage as I’m taking the Teens on a trip tomorrow afternoon and don’t want to be dealing with changing meds. So I won’t up my dosage until Monday. You’ll hear from me again sometime tomorrow!