Victoza raising cholesterol?


My Dr. recently prescribed Victoza to help manage hunger after lunch and dinner. I'm a lean T1 (6ft, 172lbs). My dosage is 5 clicks at lunch and 4 at dinner. I've found it helps somewhat after lunch and quite dramatically after dinner. I started using this on Sept 20th.

However, what's been particularly troubling is how my Cholesterol has jumped in the time frame from before I started it and after. Starting Victoza is the only variable I've changed over this time (diet, exercise and all other medications have remained the same).

Could Victoza be the cause of this dramatic jump? As you can see, my 8/28 test shows me in normal ranges (and it is consistent with previous tests), but it suddenly spikes to concerning levels exactly a month later.

I've read the data on side effects, and it seems there was a small subset of the trials groups who did report an increase in Cholesterol.

I would be very interested in hearing your opinions and understanding if any of you have seen an increase in Cholesterol values since using Victoza.

Thank you!


Cholesterol: 176
Triglycerides: 68
HDL: 56
Calculated LDL: 106

Cholesterol: 242
Triglycerides: 75
HDL: 55
Calculated LDL: 170

I'm T2, have been on Victoza for 4.5 weeks, but haven't had a lipid panel test done since I started Victoza. The next one will be in three months; I'll try to remember to report my results then.

FYI, a google search found the following: