I tried again to do the Victoza but again after three days at .06 I started to fill sick to my stomach. Finally did throw up and had about three days food that came up. I decided that was enough for me. Of course after about two days being off it my morning BS was running about 138, which was high for me. I did increase my insulin from 10 units at night to 15 units but it was still high in the AM. My Dr. Has me taking 4 metformins at night with my evening snack. I will see her this month and I hope she comes up with something new because I can’t take the Victoxa.

I think and not from personal experience, but just from people I know personally and from topics I've read here. I think Victoza is pretty useless. I think for SOME it might help initially, but I think eventually it stops, and for others it just doesn't work at all. Type 2 is a progressive disease, and I really think a LOT of time is spend pushing meds to force your pancreas to work. It's my own personal feeling the sooner insulin is started, perhaps the longer Type 2 can be kept in check. But that's just my personal opinion. I'm type 1 myself, but from what I've observed of other type 2's and just the lack of aggressive treatment, and the pushing of oral medications.

Many people find that the GLP-1 drugs like Victoza work well. I used Byetta/Victoza for more than 2 years. The nausea is a side effect, but many people find that it tapers off after a couple weeks. The standard protocol is to start with 6 mcg and then move up when you get used to that dose. You had trouble with 6 mcg. I am surprised that your doctor didn't step you back and start you taking it every other day or every three days until you stopped having problems. Perhaps this is something you can discuss with your doctor.

That being said, I would recommend that you look at a low carb diet. Many of us find that low carb diets really help.

Thank you for your imput Brian. I stayed on .06 for a month and everytime, after three days I would throw up. I also have slow emptying stomach problem, which according to the instructions you shouldn't use Victoza if you have that. I discussed that with my Dr. early on but she said lets try it. So, this is my second attempt at trying to make it work. I can't seem to go higher than the .06 and its doesn't seem to be helping with the lower BS now at all. When I first started it I could get up as high as 1.2 but I stayed sick at my stomach all the time. Wasn't getting enough food because I didn't want to eat because I would throw up and be sick for a couple of days. I hope she can come up with something else.

Thanks Christy. I wish I could take it because early on it did help with the blood sugar but after awhile it didn't and I was just throwing up after about three days of my food backing up. I tired eating smaller meals too. When I was first diagnosed I was on six shots of insulin a day but my sugar was really high then. Now most days it is fine except for early in the mornings when it is usually 124, 130, etc. So I hope the Dr. is able to help me try something else. For the whole month of March I was sick and had to be on antibiotics so my sugar ran high but there was nothing I could do about that. So I'm afraid that my A1C is going to go higher. It was at 6.4.