Anyone here using Victoza for T1? I’m very interested. i’ll have a discussion with the doc in a month, but need to learn more. I’m a long time Symlin user, but want to know more about Victoza. I’ve scoured the web and absorbed all the routine info - now I want to hear from users.


There is a Victoza group here. I took Byetta for some time and then switched to Victoza. I have been diagnosed as a T2. I never found either Byetta or Victoza led to any reduction in A1c or improved blood sugar control. I also didn’t lose weight, on Victoza I gained 10lbs over 3 mnths. My experience was not typical.

There was a recent study released on the use of Victoza for T1 which showed positive results… You won’t find much T1 use, but some doctors actually think highly of it and have already started off-label use of it for T1. Bernstein is big on it, suggesting that the action of Victoza which slows down appetite and reduces hunger can help T1s lose weight. It is an injected, so while it has a similar in end effect as Smylin, I’m not exactly clear what the advantage is.