Wacky Readings - Receiver out of range all night

Yesterday afternoon when I left work, I left my Dexcom receiver on my desk. Luckily, no one took it and of course the screen read “out of range.” Ever since I’ve been back in range with the receiver the readings have been way, way off. I’ve done the three finger sticks, one every 15 minutes to try and calibrate it…no luck. Any advice out there would be greatly appreciated. I also turned off the sensor and then turned it back on, so we are in the 2 hour start up time. Thanks

that should do the trick. If not, call dexcom…curious what they will tell you?

That’s weird… you are doing everything you should be… let us know if the re-start helped!

Restart usually does the trick otherwise call them back and its a premature dead sensor…

Thanks you guys. I think it’s actually working okay. It took til this evening, but it seems to be getting better. I would never have thought that being out of range for awhile could cause a problem. I actually did think about turning it off yesterday afternoon when I got home and then realized that I was way too far away for that, lol. Thanks for everyone’s input.

When this happens, I change the sensor. Don’t know why but is usually mid way through the second week of use.