Waiting time before receiving Dexcom G5 going through Medicare

Had enough bad experiences with Medtronics Enlite sensors and now that Medicare will cover Dexcom G5 CGM costs looking at going that way of getting one. Can anyone tell me their experience on waiting time before the order is approve and fill ? I understand they are backlog and will they be able to keep up with demand.


Hard to say, due to the backlog. We signed up in the spring and once Medicare approval went through, Dexcom did a batch of “test” orders to make sure that Medicare would indeed cover those units that they sent out. Once that was accomplished they began sending out units, first to those already Dexcom customers, and then to those who signed up on a first-come first serve basis. At least that’s what we were told by numerous sales reps. having said all that, my wife and I both got our units just a few weeks after the test batches were found to be covered by Medicare (guess Dexcom didn’t trust Medicare) :slight_smile: Getting all the paperwork from the doctor’s office for us hit a snag at Dexcom (someone dropped the ball), but after that was discovered we got numerous profuse apologies and with that, within 2 days our Dexcoms were on their way.

I’d call them and ask for a guesstimate.

As of Nov 1st, Dexcom reported to have shipped to 4,000 Medicare customers with close to 20,000 still in the pipeline waiting to receive their Dexcom systems. Dexcom at that time stated their first priority for the rest of the year is to get the product to them.

Dexcom will be providing an overall company update on Jan 9th at which point, I am sure this topic will be raised.

This is a blogpost I published about 10 days ago sharing the experiences of some seniors who have gotten (or not yet gotten) their Medicare Dexcom bundle. Mine shipped very shortly after that post and it took me about 7 weeks from start to finish.

From what I am seeing, some people on Advantage plans are having a difficult time getting coverage because those plans don’t have contracts with Dexcom. After that it seems to be a matter of luck how quickly the process goes.

Thank you Laddie,

I have Medicare and United Health Care supplement which has been no problem getting what has been needed on the DME list so far. Will see how it goes…may be with a little luck they are catching up on some of the orders.

Since I have the Medtronic 630G pump with the free upgrade to the 670G one I just don’t want to spend $3600 a year on money I don’t have to get the Guardian 3 CGM from them.

Oh well, will see.

Thank you, for posting


That’s what we have–United Health Care supplement and no issue getting the Dexcom approval.

Thanks, Dave44
Now its wait an see how long it takes Dexcom to send me the paper work and to the Doctor, It sound like the paper work is a ways off going by Dexcom.
Mean time I pay Medtronic for a Enlite sensors that I don’t want.

What do you mean you are paying for Enlites if you don’t want them? Within 90 days of receipt of product, you can return things to Medtronic (I think it’s 90 days. I know they allow for returns and it must be from the last order you made)

Since I’m waiting for Dexcom and Medicare approval for the G5 I will continue to use the Medtronic Enite sensors until that time. I don’t like the Medtronic sensor at least its been good at telling me about lows coming…but thats about it.

Sounds like despite you also not liking Enlites, they work a bit better for you than they did for me. I had so many false lows I can’t begin to think of how many there were, esp while lying down. Imagine that MM replaced at least 22 of them over the course of roughly 12 months.

Been working on this since about …May? The way it seems to work is you make a request, to Dexcom, file their on line application. They later called me; then there is a bit of flap and panic as they get stuff from my zendocronologist, then a period of silence. Sometime later, I got an e mail to tell me things were happening, then another quiet period. Next, I got a notification to tell me Tah-Dah…you’re approved, call xxx at this number (turns out he was their assigned sales rep). Another couple of forms to sign and return, now more quiet.
I have Medicare and “F” type supplemental plan too, but right now I am buying Enlites direct and paying cash. This is about 60% of the “Medicare Contracted” amount that I ended up paying by going thru Medicare, and having them deny it.
When/if I get coverage from Medicare, I’ll be grateful. After all, I did pay them a significant portion of my paycheck, in premiums, for some 40 years.

My endo applied for me in May of last year and I received my first set up that September. I was told the requirements were: type one, on insulin, carb counting and testing four times a day. I met all that. It has been a tremendous help. Has anyone considered the Freestyle Libre? Tests from the UK say it works as well and is cheaper.

How can it be cheaper than free, Vivi1? Are they going to pay you to use a Libre? :slight_smile:

The only thing I can do about getting a Dexcom CGM is to wait until my # is called. In the mean time I will continue to used the Enlite with the 630G pump or go with the 670G with the Guardian sensors (which is out of my pocket) until approved for the Dexcom G5 thru Medicare.

Right you are! But if you are paying for it yourself, it could make a difference!