Dexcom/Medicare ordering is "on the ball" [EDIT: No, it's not]

Last week I inquired as to what day I’d be eligble for my 30-day supply order to be processed and they told me I’d get an email on Oct 9th. Early this morning (Oct 9th) I had an email from them with a link to confirm my order details, which I did. Currently, the order is “in process” with Fedex-3-day shipping showing as the method of shipment. I’m going to wager that prior to 5PM today, I’ll get a shipment notification.

This Medicare coverage for Dexcom G5 is pretty darn cool!!! No cost. Just like strips. Wish I could say the same for insulin, but my endo (bless HIS heart) always gives me insulin each visit so that I don’t have to buy it. I shudder to think how much of a dent that would put in my 401!

some of you have expressed a lot of grief over dealing with dexcom. the only problem we’ve had so far is that somehow, someone dropped the ball during the run-up to Medicare coverage going through, so we ended up about 2-3 behind in the list of patients to receive the early orders of the G5. However, the person in charge apologized profusely and swiftly processed AND shipped our orders ASAP. I always respect someone who can quickly own up to a mistake, and rectify it without equivocation.

If you have Medicare coverage for the G5, be sure to enter ZERO for the quantity on hand of sensors, if you want the full amount of 5 in your next order. That is per Dexcom order department. A very helpful hint!


I’m now 4 days past my promised ship-date for the 30-supply of sensors and after 3 phone calls I’m no closer to finding out why they haven’t yet shipped. They have all the paperwork AND verified insurance coverage. they suggest I call again today “in a few hours” to see if the order is going to be released today. AARGH!!


Just so that we can collect data, my “automagic” order verification email showed up on 10/1/2017. I received the “your order is on it’s way” message, on 10/10/2017 and expect to receive it tomorrow, 10/13/2017. Of course, that will be Friday, the 13th … but Fedex thinks that the package is at my local distribution center, so I think that it is likely to arrive tomorrow.

While the “in process” time at Dexcom could, and will likely, improve with practice, I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the whole process. Certainly even at 12 days for confirmation to receipt of product, I haven’t even come close to panicking …but, having a bit of buffer really helps.

Good luck to all of you Medicare Dexcom G5 users.


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My order shipped today and due to arrive on the 17th