Walking sandals

Who has good reccomendations for walking sandals? Doing a Disney trip my son is Type 1, was going to just stick to sneakers but thought if I could find something w good support, and an enclosed toe it might be more comfortable for him......any sugggestions?

Thanks guys as always.......Courtneyv

I’d stick with the sneakers. My family has done Disney several times, including my Type I. I wouldn’t attempt without sneakers… comfortable and always good support. I’d look for cushioned socks instead ! You will walk miles so you have to be comfortable. Have a blast!

I’d ask the store clerks about the sandals that look like sneakers? There are a lot of these now, and they look like they have about similar support…

Sneakers, definitely. We just got home from Disney and did what I would think is a few miles a day in walking for over a week. Sandals don’t cut it IMO.

I love Tivas for lightweight good support, but can’t walk many miles in them they way I can with sneakers.

Peer pressure for sneakers:)

I do love my Tevas. You spelled it right:) I got it wrong, with apologies to my favorite sandals. Wish I could go barefoot because I hate shoes.

Avoiding drama is a plan. You don’t need your son complaining he can’t walk any more & that his tootsies hurt. Vacations with walking means bringing along my old trusty sneakers. Made the stupid mistake of bringing new ones once & ouch!

I have a friend at Disney right now, so I asked her, and she said SNEAKERS!!! She brought both, wore sandals for the first day and has regretted it since. She also said to remind you to bring SunBLOCK not just screen. As for comfy walking sandals, Birkenstocks are wonderful but gastly expensive. Definitely an investment, but I’ve had mine for 10 years.