It's Spring and ummmm... May we please discuss shoes and sandals?

Hi All,
I’m kinda desperate. I hate wearing socks… but my feet feel cold. ( I did get them frost bit as a kids pretty severely) Most of the time I ignore this issue. I’m a true “barefoot gal”!!!
I’m slowly exploring the fact that I really need to address this. ----- dry,scaly skin from going barefoot. I’ve cut myself back to wearing some sandals that are open toed. It does keep the “tight elastic, or aweful squeeze off my legs just above the ankle.” ugh…
Most of the dry,scaly’s are gone. Still, a need for comfy footwear,possibly 'socks" is coming to the forefront. ACK!!! To me, that means I’m getting old a fogey!!! ugh. OK…
Here’s the questions :
What kind of financial cost do you allow for shoes? ( for me, I need to keep it under $25 dollars… our finances are in bad shape. buying other “D” stuff.)
Is it possible that I really need to spend more on shoes?
Does fashion play a big role? I know comfort does.:slight_smile:
How do you fit comfort and fashion together?
would you mind showing me pics of “your” favorite shoes? (It could be a website that sells them.)I just really need some ideas on how to address this latest “D” Dis-comfort issue.
Huggles and Thankyou for you thoughts and ideas:)

Hi Meadowlark,
I am sorry I don’t have any pictures of the shoes i am going to tell you about. How do you feel about the idea of “Crocs”. Have you seen people wearing them? My daughters love them and so do my grandaughters. They come in a lot of different colors and this year even have some open toe ones. My 32 year old daughter even wore these part of the time in the winter. She is so crazy about them for the comfort that she just added socks and kept on wearing them. My school teacher daughter can’t wear them when teaching class, but keeps a pair in the car and changes as soon as she gets back to her car. My attorney daughter wears them in her office, but not when in court. My grandaughters wear them all the time except when wearing their precious boots. And all my kids have promised me a pair for Mother’s Day. I know that Walmart carry’s them as well as Target. And I just saw an ad for them at J.C. Penney’s. And I think you could get two pair for $25. I am sure they are available in a lot of places and in a lot of different colors. I hope this helps. I love your Hugs and am sending one right back to you. Thanks.

I love my croc and they come in several different styles and colors. I would be careful of buying the off brands because I do not find them as comfortable as the name brand. Check out the prices at

I took a look at the web site for the flats. I just love those too. I see them everywhere as well. And the dressier little flats also. Meadowlark you may also look at places like Payless and Supermarket of Shoes. They have lots of these kinds of places in St. Louis and i love to go there with my youngest daughter. They have all kinds of the strappy sandals, flats, crocs and all the kinds of shoes that are really popular right now. And they usually run lots of spring and early summer sales. I don’t know where you l,ive, but I wish it was close enough so you and I could go out shopping for shoes. I am not truly fond of shopping, but I have a passion for shoes. I wish you much fun and good luck finding what you like.

Thankyou Everyone:)
I did take a peek at what you showed me. I’ve tried on a couple of those shoes that have an extremely low heal.( almost like a sandal.) They do look cute. I definitely like open toes:)
I have really weird feet:pppp My toes, due to horses and a couple of goats are like wishbones. ( I was not lucky enough to know that my toes were broken and needed to be “set”) If I were to get my toes “fixed” it would have to be surgery that I cannot afford. So, I will always need a really wide box toe type of shoe or open sandal.
What kind of socks do you wear with those tennis shoes?
How do you deal with dry, cracked heels?
I have found one site that does have nice stuff; but some what more costly.
As I understand… it is best for us to not wear things that have ummm…dividers between the toes. Or all the other little things that will make us get rub spots that could become sores.LOL! I realllllllllly want to keep my feet:)

LOL! Saundra,
My Huggles came from a combo of two words. I was hugging and snuggling with one of my little ones a few years ago. It just kinda came out as a “huggle” Now I just give Huggles away freely:) We all need those kind of warm snuggly huggles when things are just not going quite right. Then, on the other side… a huggle when happy or excited is pretty cool too!

Dry, cracked heels are a moisture issue probably. Try putting on really thick lotion after you shower/bathe. Eucerine (or the store brand knockoff) is the kind of lotion I’m thinking of. It’s thick like gel toothpaste. If you put it on while your feet are still a little damp, it works extra well. Just don’t put any in between your toes because you don’t want athlete’s feet!

I don’t wear crocs because I can’t stand how they look, but I agree with everyone else that they’re probably the best option. They have a pretty square toe, so they’re roomy. And they are comfortable and don’t rub up against your foot. AND they’re cheap and clean up easy.

I wear a Teva-type sandle in the summer. They don’t have anything between the toes and are really comfortable. And the soles are thick so I don’t have to worry about something cutting up my foot. And they have something around the heel so they don’t flop around.

But even still, I only wear them around the house. I always change into tennis shoes if I’m going to be walking more than a block or so. I’ve bought cheap, Target-type tennis shoes the past couple times, and I just don’t think they last as long as more expensive tennis shoes so I think I’ll be sticking to name brands from now on. They’re cheaper in the long run.

I live in my crocs. In fact, I have been wearing them through this horrible snowy New England winter with socks and only wearing boots when there is fresh snow.

I had a ton of problems with my feet–torn ligaments and a repetitive stress injury in one toe joint. They were getting worse even with orthopedic inserts. I started wearing crocs to go out and visit my garden when it was wet in the morning, and never took them off.

They cost about $30. Buy the brand name ones. The ripoffs aren’t made of the same materials and won’t be good for your feet. It is worth the expense as they hold up very well. I will be wearing these for another year or two by the looks of things.

Try on a lot of pairs as I find they can be different from each other even if marked with the same size. They fit fairly loosely.

You want to protect your diabetic foot from anything that will cut it if you have any neuropathy as cuts can lead to so many problems. Also from fungus. So you don’t want a tight airless shoe either.

Something I forgot was that Crocs actually sells a diabetic shoe. Have more bumps in the shoe for blood circulation and the sole is different. You may want to see if you have a medical shoe store near you to try these before you like them. Just order the shoe online.

Last summer I got a pair of Columbia sandals at Famous Footwear for about $20. They have thick soles, padded straps, and some texture in the footbed and have three points of adjustment (ball of foot, foot near ankle, and heel). They’re comfy, but don’t give me the support I really need. (I grew up with orthopaedic oxfords to correct congenital foot and stride defects.) I find that sandals, barefoot, still end up with dirty, cracked, dry, rough feet. Socks prevent at least some of that, and since I have to wear medical compression hosiery anyway, I’m just as likely to wear CoolMax compression knee-highs with trail running shoes (Nike Air Max Assail 3, about $50-60 on sale at Famous Footwear) as open-toed compression nylons with sandals. (Or go ultradork and wear the CoolMax compression knee-highs with the sandals.)