Warm weather and BGs

I was on vacation in India with temps between 70-95 F and lot of sunlight. My BGS were significantly better than the place where I live (Boston ) and where temps range between 20-40 F ( Winters).

Here is what I observed

Fasting BG 70 vs 105 mg/dl
15 day average BG 94 vs 115 mg/dl

I also ate lot more for the same units of insulin. Didn’t have to inject for small snacks. Felt better too.
Just did very little walking during this time and no gym,

What could explain this ? At home in Boston we are are usually at 68 F.

Higher temperatures will often increase insulin’s effectiveness. You can easily prove this at home by sitting in a hot bath for a long time. Ambient temperature is yet another of the eight zillion variables that affects carbohydrate metabolism. One more reason why managing diabetes consists of constantly tracking moving targets. :smile:

I can set my home thermostat to 80 F. Will it have same effect? :smile:

Every individual’s physiology is . . . well, individual. It might, then again it might not. Even if it does, however, you’ll have to do some serious calculating to determine whether it’s a cost-effective solution. :wink:

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we’ve had several members here report decreased insulin needs in warm weather and while out in the sun. I believe it was also asked in an interview to Gary Scheiner, and he agreed.

I also heard about it earlier. FBG of 70 was just perfect. I dont recall seeing that even during summer time. I am just wondering what is it. Room temperatures at both places are not too much different.
Trying drinking hot water after meals :smile:

My insulin sensitivity always increases in the Summer or in warm climates, and my resulting insulin requirements drop by as much as 50% vs. colder climates or seasons.