Type 1 diabetes and h0t weather/beach

hell0! i was just diagn0sed 0n thanksgiving day 2011(0h the ir0ny) and am s0 glad the internet exists and that y0ure all here t0 help!! 0ne day when im a pr0 and have this all d0wn, ill be able t0 help the new p00r s0ds...

anyway, the weather is warming up s0 i can g0 t0 the beach. i have read that insulin is used up quicker in h0t weather but d0nt understand if that means ill need m0re insulin, that m0re insulin will be required f0r a certain am0unt 0f carbs 0r that ill hyp0 faster cuz the insulin is abs0rbed faster/all at 0nce?
im still h0neym00ning very str0ngly (and wish it w0uld c0ntinue f0rever!) s0 maybe it w0nt affect me very much.

als0, when y0u all g0 t0 the beach, where d0 y0u put y0ur insulin? i cant leave it in the car, i kn0w that, but the beach, even in a fri0 bag, d0es n0t seem that much better.

s0rry ab0ut all the 0s, my keyb0ard 0 is buggered!

thanks f0r any inf0/advice!


In hot weather, most people find that they need LESS insulin. It tends to work faster and the heat can make your body far more sensitive to it. I generally find that my total daily dose drops several units during the summer months, especially if I'm spending a lot of time outdoors.

I use the Frio pouches and find that they work very well. Not long ago I did a pretty extensive backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon - the daytime temps were consistently around 90 degrees. However, the Frio pouch worked well provided that I re-wet it a couple of times a day AND kept it stashed somewhere out of direct sunlight (like deep within my pack). I had no issues and just picked up another Frio pouch because I'm heading on a trip to the Middle East in a couple of weeks (and it's going to be really hot there!)

thanks very much f0r the inf0 busted pancreas.
have a great time in the middle east!

I find the opposite happens to me. Really high temperatures, make me feel ill, lethargic, and lessens my appetite. I find that my basal insulin in particular is pretty much ineffective. I thought it was because the insulin had gone off, but Even a new one out of the fridge didn’t work. As soon as the weather broke, temp went down and the humidity improved, my blood sugar responded to the insulin.

Frio bag is good enough for me- keeps it at room temperature.

I don't find myself using any different amount of insulin no matter the season, although if I travel I need less insulin.

I live in Canada and I wasn't in temperatures over 25degrees C very often, but found no change in my insulin requirements as the temperature went up and I'm also a newly diagnosed strongly honeymooning T1. I also didn't seem to have any problems with keeping insulin pens in my bag and just moving that to the shade or throwing a towel on it. I'm wondering how your hot weather/beach response went as another "honeymooner"?

(My diagnosis was over xmas 2011 and I hear you with the "oh the irony" comment..)

hi a! i kept it in a frio bag and it was all good. pretty hot here in the south of spain, like 35 degrees c, so was a bit worried, but ok.

yeah, xmas dinner was a big sucky anxiety fest last year. this one coming will be better!