Was doing well...but

I was doing grand a short while ago - lost nearly a stone and walked regularly with my greyhound Bess…but then, life kicked in as it does sometimes and made all the difference. I had steroids injected wrongly into my eye, causing double vision, so this is really difficult in all sorts of ways, though it is surprising what you get used to in time!! Also had a very bad fall which has injured my hip and lower back rather badly - hope this will mend. At least I didnt break it, due to the weight and padding no doubt…chuckle

What has really annoyed me is that I have put back three quarters of the weight I had taken off and that is really distressing - I had felt so very much better. Have got to get used to using a stick for the time being I think, till the hospital sort the DV thing out. Better than having yet another fall methinks!

I have still to learn to monitor my bs unfortunately…:(…hope I come in with a better sounding blog next time!!!

I know sometimes life gets in the way of our intentions but…It’s hit me more than once!!! You will survive this!!!

Know that you are not alone! Ups and downs… we know them all too well!!

It IS good not to feel alone, thank you Kristin and Doris…big smile…I will survive…YES!!

Way to go Cathrynn!!! Keep that lovely attitude!!!

They say things happen for a reason… Who knows if we will ever find out the true reason for it all.I sure don’t.So I just gave up trying to figure it all out.Just do the best I can at any one moment.Live just for this moment right now, no I mean right now… no this moment right now…
:o) Well I think you get the picture… Keep up that great atitude and don’t let life get you down. When you are going thru hell , just keep on GOING!!! You’ll get thru it! We’re With ya Cathrynn!!!