Watch out!

I have a friend, yes, really! An old friend, his age is 96, that should be old enough to be called old, right?
He and his wife, who is not so old, smart move by my old friend eh? Well anyway he thinks he can outsmart the travel insurance people by not telling them, as he should, if he saw a doctor recently and for what. This keeps his premium cost low. That’s what he thinks. Well, by the time he would report some possible trouble he would get into, they would eagerly check to see if he declared the very truth and nothing but the truth about his health condition. Naturally, they would find out that my old friend was not exactly telling the truth and they would reject any claim he would make. Regardless what it would be for. They will state that misinformation negates the whole claim. I explained this to him but he won’t take my word for it. After all, I’m only an 81 year old whipper snapper, right?

Then I read about people who when applying for a job “forget” to mention that they have diabetes when asked about their health
conditions. Again when found out about this at a later date, the result may very well be that they lose their job.
I have heard that the other workers in the workforce may use pressure on the management not to allow a person with diabetes or other problem to get into the medical plan they must also pay for, fearing that the premiums may increase because of the new member. I know of one person who was removed from his job because he has type-1 diabetes and "forgot to mention that.

So, the long and the short of it and something in between is that, there is no profit in it to “forget” about these things.

BTW. I have to take 3 different eyedrops for two days to prepare for tomorrow’s caterac operation. Fun eh?

On the lighter side… Teacher: Winnie name one important thing that we did not have 10 years ago?
Winnie: me!
Teacher: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?
Harold: A teacher!
JB, that’s me!

Best of luck with your cataract surgery. My mother, older than you, is having the same procedure in a few weeks. She’s also on three types of eye drops. Expensive!

LOL! You young whipper snapper. :smiley:

Hopefully you will do Fine concerning your Cataract surgery. My Mom and I had the surgeries done in the same month. My Ophthalmologist said I got cataracts mainly because I had been on steroids for so long. You will need 3 or 4 kind of drops after the surgery for a while also. Great Luck JB!! :slight_smile:

Best Wishes for your Mom on her surgery also Gerri. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Terrie!

For certain you will be watching out , after the Surgery :slight_smile: …eye sight improves , after you get other eye done in about 6 weeks (?) …hope you purchased the expensive lens ? …you maybe one of those, who do not need to wear glasses after the surgery …both hubby and I are still wearing glasses , which is fine with me ( for 65 years now ) …all the best .