Watch this!

Saw this on YouTube a while back. I think it won an award or was commended in some way by a diabetes-related organisation in the States.

It is very funny. Funnier when you’re on the inside of what the boys are getting at :wink:

Very good - I enjoyed that

This is actually cool :slight_smile:

Very cool. Very much fun. But, man, it sure makes you guys look white.

Well done.

Awesome. This made my day :slight_smile:

That was awesome.

I loved it, thanks! Can you post the url so I can send it to my nephew and totally shock him by sending him a rap song!

very cool

Made me smile and giggle. It was great! Made my day!

I thought this was hilarious. It is healthy to be able to step back and have a laugh at the situation.

haha this is awesome I love it!

Now it’s stuck in my head. Awesome

I always get this one stuck in my head.

I wonder if their second release will take a sideways swipe at complications ;-))

Who says the second release has to be rap? Danny, this is your new challenge (you’ve blogged, now is time to vlog): Any musical era you like … but somehow I sense it will have roots in the late 80s.

Love it!

hahaha, that was great man

That was really great. It made my day. Thank you for sharing.

So cool and fun!!