Anyone seen this yet?

Pretty powerful

That’s pretty cool. Never seen diabetes in a music video like that before.

Very good. I’d like to see that on TV!

That is totally bitchen! Very to the point: I do this because I choose to live. Well said.

LOVE IT! Just posted it on my FB now…thanks!

Love it!!

Amazes me that ok the US has a few musicians that are Diabetic yet known have tried to really promote awareness. Besides a few PSAs. Then again Diabetes isn’t a Hollywood cause of the moment.

A man the guys got a great voice

wow thats great choonage. just watched it twice end to end. if that was played on the radio im sure it would do well and id get a sore throat singing to it. well when i say sing…

Nick Jonas could do something like this. Instead of flipping a little diabetes sign for half a second like he did.

Guys big in South Africa

Think how much they could raise if they and Disney gave up the proceeds of just one album

I know!! Even if they do one diabetic song and donate only one dollar from each album…yikes $

That was really good - thanks for sharing it!

Thanks for sharing that, Jim. I’ve reposted to my FB page. I want that song on my iPod.

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I agree!