Hello, everyone!

I just need to ask. Are watermelons OK for diabetics to eat? I’ve been to doing my homework on this, but I can’t seem to find the answer. Care to share your thoughts or facts on these?

I just love eating these anytime…

I love watermelon, I love fruit. I learned to cover it with insulin it is very easy for me to cover but maybe not someone else. It is a healthy food and if you like it I would say measure your portions and learn how to cover it. Just remember the sugar in fruit is in and out of the blood stream fast so you may need to eat some thing like a small amount of protein to keep from dropping later it depends on how your insulin works for you. I can’t think of anything bad about it.

Be well and be loved

I love watermelon also:) I can eat eat all day and all night…lol I think it’s ok in moderation

News flash!

My mom just hid the two remaining watermelons in the house…

(…or my brother ate them already…)

How I love watermelon. When I was sick with pneumonia years ago (pre-Diabetes), it was the only thing I wanted to eat. Think it really helped me to get better. Just me, but I can’t seem to handle fruit now, with the exception of berries in moderation. However I try to cover it, fruit sends me sky high.

You asked about Watermelon.
If it is ok for people with diabetes to eat .
I love watermelon cold from the fridge.
I never used to be able to eat it when I was on pills for treatment,as it would make my blood sugars got high,but sinceI’m only doing Insulin. I tried it again & was able to eat it without much of a rise in blood sugar.
The only way you will know if you can eat it,is to try & then later test & see what your Blood Sugar level is.
Hope this helps.

i use to eat these so much thinking they had the least amount of sugar because they were so loaded with water… but apparently they have alot of sugar! :S … odd

1.25 cup of watermelon = 15 gms carbohydrate. It is fast absorbing and drops as fast as it goes up. Cover it with insulin if you eat it at whatever rate you cover fruit. Be careful not to over-cover it as 1.25 cups is more of a portion size than you usually get out of fruit.

Leona your so right about over covering I even have to use a higher carb insulin ratio for all fruit. Even though you spike a bit it drops out so fast you could be in real trouble. I eat about 5-8 servings a day and I tend to eat it at the end of a meal it slows the absorption a bit that way, It helps with digestion, has no fat and loading with good things. It even cleans your palette :slight_smile:

My fruit insulin ratio is 1-30 sometimes I don’t even have to cover the carbs in fruit.
Be well and be loved

Thanks for the input! It’s watermelon season now where I am at. So far, I feel just fine with all the watermelons I’ve been eating.

My son loves watermelon but is raises his sugar much much more than other fruit… (His carb ratio is 1/10) The thing is one cannot eat only a small portion - its much too delicious :slight_smile: