We want to switch from OmniPOd to Animas

Has anyone out there switched form the OmniPod to the Animas Pump? My daughter is nine and we are thinking of switching. She gets very red itchy and irritated from the Pod. We will look at MiniMed too but I thought I'd see if there was any experience out there that could help us.

Thank you.

I do not use the Omnipod, but do use the Animas 2020. I have a couple sites that get red and itchy as well - but fortunately not every location use. For the few problem sites I use CVS ngeneriv version of Tegaderm dressing under the set. This prevents the redness and itches. While you explore the options, if you have not tried Tgaderm or IV3000 dressing - you should gime them a try. It it works, it is cheaper than getting a different pump.

I was interested when you said you use the IV3000 dressing. My insurance covers it and I read a bit about but it was unclear. If I remember correctly you clean the area and put on the dressing and then put the infusion thru the dressing. I was a bit worried about the dressing clogging the infusion canulus and also wondered if you have to either prime more or use extra insulin for any reason. I read the Pumping Diabetes book and somewhere there he mentions using extra insulin for the dressing. Would love to hear from you.

Do you use Animas now? Any itching or rashes?


I use CVS generic for Tegaderm and it works great. I clean area. Apply dressing (cut no holes in dressing). Insert set through the dressing. I have experienced no clogging. I have required no extra nor any less insulin as a result of the use of this dressing.

The only time you would cut a hole in the dressing is if you place this dressing over the top of the insertion set - the hole is to allow attachment of the tubing to the set. This is done to make the set more secure.

I do not do this. I put the dressing under the set.

Thanks Tom
It just seemed a bit strange to me at first thinking your going thru with material with such a tiny needle - the logical thought is that it would be clogged. Glad it works - I will try it. Just another question - are you using the spring loaded infusion sets and if so do you just place it over the dressing and let the spring go right into the dressing? lo verkitalnus

We were on the Deltec Cozmo which they discontinued and then went to the Omnipod, back to Cozmo and now we’re on the Animas Ping. He actually had more irritation when we were using the silhouette infusion sets and using humalog. now that we’re on the Ping we use the Inset and Novalog. So I’m not sure which made his sites look better. But no more redness unless we forget and leave on for 5 days.

The thing with the Ping or other pumps with tubing is you usually have more of a choice of infusion sets. Maybe one would cause less irritation than others.

yes yes yes!! i’m a switcher too! message me with any concerns! :wink: i will be happy to put my 2 cents in lol
btw i LOVE my new ping!


Did you have skin irritation too or was it just too bulky? We are starting a 2 week trial with the ping on Saturday so I am hoping it will help with the skin. I hope we will be able to tell in two week.

I recently went from The Ping to the Omnipod.
I used both IV-3000 or Tegaderm - whichever I had.
First I would use Skin-Prep wipes or Preppies.
Then the Tegaderm.
The Infusion Set I liked the best was the Accu-Chek Ultraflex I (box of 10 sets). 8-mm, 60 cm. There is an inserter that goes with the Ultraflex. There is less waste that way, and way easier to use.

Anyone have extra pods? I could send you infusion sets for pods. Just let me know. email: spicysmom@comcast.net

Is the itching the only reason you want to switch?

It seems to me the OmniPod would be more convenient. Just because of the tubing. What do you think? i won’t be wearing it, my daughter will, so I was just wondering about that. Also, the meter for the omniPod is sooooo convenient fo rme because I write down all numbers in a notebook and the history menu for the Pod is great. Is the Ping meter as good as far as histroy goes? She’s been using it a couple of days with the contact detach infusion set. i think we will try the comfort set today. She is so scared of the inset. Again, seems easy to me but I’m not he one doing it. Thanks for any info you can share.

Itchy and now she says bulky too.

I love my Animas and have never had any skin irritations. The only time i had red itchy skin was when I used Skin Tac. I must be allergic to the adhesive. I’m guessing the POD would have to have some pretty strong adhesive to keep it on there and your daughter is probably having a reaction to that. I don’t have any problem with my infusion sites staying in place and there is no irritation left behind.

Good luck with your research and decision.