Website Update: first few days

On Facebook, “like” has next to no value. In Discourse they do. Please don’t conflate the two just because they use the same label.


@Jen the blogs are all under “Community” category. Community - TuDiabetes Forum. Hope this helps.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

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What about the blogs link at the top of the page? That goes to a section that says it’s coming soon…

hmmmm, not sure about that one. But, I assume since you brought it up in this discussion, it will be addressed by the powers that be.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

@curlysarah—Your link took me right to “community”-----Thank you. But—I opened a new tab to Home and didn’t see how to get to Community from there—it seems to be in the Discussions category somewhere??..

More detail as to what value that is, would be helpful. All I see so far is red numbers in the long list of topics.

the likes are factored into the algorithm that decides how the summarize button works for topics that have more than 50 replies, so they do have a very good use, it’s not just a popularity contest or whatever they do on fb (I’ve never been on fb). so you are encouraged very strongly to like especially helpful comments. plus it’s better to do a like than just say +1 etc


Summarize button? where is that?

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As @MarieB said, the summarize button is only shown when a discussion topic has 50 or more replies.

Try looking just under the first post to the Word Association Game. I think it has more than 50 posts. :scream:


The blog link at the top of the page is for external blogs. The idea is to provide access to some of the excellent blogs found outside of TuDiabetes…

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thx it worked ---------

@Judith! To find specific people just type their username into the search bar that appears when you click on in the top right corner of any forum page. You will get a list of discussions, and at the very bottom you will see your friend’s name. Click on that to go to his/her profile, where you can write them a private message :slight_smile:

And I “liked” this reply…so hopefully you’ll win homecoming queen. :smile:


Hey Thas. Private chat capabilities are high on my list of things to figure out (I’ve worked on it some, but the chat plugin is new to me and it’s taking some time for me to figure out how to achieve some of the things we want from it).

Can you specify the areas of the site that you find tiring for the eyes, and give me any more idea abut why it’s tiring? Is it a font size issue? A font type issue? Color issue? We tried hard to make this site more user-friendly in this regard than the last, but clearly there’s more to be done. Thanks for bringing it up!

Regarding the 20-character limit… irrational_John has done a great job of explaining the reasoning behind that. I know it’s new and really annoying to some of our members, but the “liking” feature actually plays an important role on this platform so we want to encourage people to use it as much as possible. It’s not about a popularity contest. It’s about highlighting really good content that we as a community find valuable :smile:

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Thanks for making it a priority to resolve the issues on the site. Private chat (PC) is a double-problem, IMO, in that even the way is seems to work (as evidenced by the two times admins initiated it with me) is far from ideal – in that it is completely separated from the main chat and tied to the home screen. People, like me, who use the popout chat so they can look at other things - or other pages on the site - at the same time, can’t see/know about a PC unless the initiator tells them elsewhere.

The eye strain issue is somewhat throughout the site, but is a lot worse in chat. Part is the font - even though that has been somewhat improved/ The font is a somewhat tight (narrow) one; a font with a bit of a wider footprint (spacing of letters, etc.) would help, I believe. On the discussions, there is massive amounts of mostly-white space that makes seeing post clear, but reading them somewhat tedious/draining - and a LOT of scrolling. As to chat, I tried to compare this one with other chat apps that do not have the eye-strain problem. What I’ve boiled it down to is all the grey in chat – the grey lines between posts, the grey names, the grey date/time stamp. Chat windows that are more comfortable (and I am not saying this is the ONLY answer) have bold names, no lines between posts and no extraneous grey characters.

I heard John’s explanation regarding the ‘Like’ feature, but still do not (ahem) like it. I understand the statistical advantages, but perhaps I’m just too old: To me, if you like something, say so. Clicking a button may tell the site something, but lacks a personal touch.

I think that’s what is lacking the most - the site’s tools make it too generic - it lacks the personality and sense of “home” that I and many of the users liked about the old site. And I know - you can get used to anything. I even got used to stabbing myself with various sharp implements to manage D – but I would much rather put in effort to “get used” to pleasant, friendly, “homey” things. Wouldn’t you?

Oh, I completely think the “likes” here are a big step up in the conversation. With the click of a button I can say “I agree,” “high five,” “okay,” “thanks,” “I hear ya,” “great point,” etc. without having to write a post which takes up space in the thread. I think it’s a very efficient tool!


+1 :wink:

I really dislike going to read a new post on a discussion, just to find a +1 … jus’ sayin’


I don’t like the ‘+1’ stuff either - but at least it puts a name to the ‘like’ without having to delve further. The current system, of ‘Likes’ lists how many, then you can click on the # of likes, which is then replaces with a list of avatars. If you want to know WHOSE those are (unless you recognize them out of hand), you have to hover over each one in succession… And what do you learn? That they clicked as ‘like’ button. Aside from statistical interest, it’s rather flat and bland - like the overall feel of Discourse.

This is a what I try to keep in the back of mind when I decide whether or not to “like” a post.

Whether or not I agree with the content of the post will probably always be a factor for me. But I also try to consider If I would want to include the post in a summary of the discussion. Do I think the post adds something interesting to the discussion? If so, then I vote to include it in a possible summary.

Awesome. Glad you are sticking with it.