Week 2, Day 2 8pm

Week 2 of my cleanse is underway.
I found another supplement to add for this last week that is supposed to help bind toxins in the digestive system and elimanate them from the body. I will start taking that one tonight.

I am disappointed that I don’t appear to be loosing weight. I don’t get it really. I’m taking in substantially fewer calories, burning more calories, and not loosing weight. That doesn’t make much sense. I find myself feeling bad about that. I hate obsessing about weight, it brings out the eating disorder aspects of my personality. Which are already difficult to handle in dealing with my diabetes, which is like having an eating disorder all by itself.

I do think my energy level is improving, nothing big, but little by little. Nothing changes over night right? Or over a week, it appears. My BG’s are definately better overall. Not eating as much makes blood sugar easier to control.

So I don’t know. So far I’m not a huge cleanse fan. Maybe I was expecting too much. I don’t know.

Thanks for blogging about your experience because it’s something I’ve been interestd but never did (in part cause it seems like a lot of work)