Starting Fresh

Tomorrow I am beginning a two week cleanse.
I have several herbal supplements I will be taking and I will be eating light, whole foods, and eliminating caffeine, sugar, and chemicals.
I’ve done mini cleanses here and there, this is my first two week one.
I am hoping to lighten up a bit, give my kidneys and liver a break from toxicity and hormone overload, regain some energy, and just feel better in general.
I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on my ■■■ this winter so far. I had surgery in Oct. that kept me pretty immobile for several months, now it’s time to get back to my regular walking, and I want to add yoga back into my life too.
So in order to keep myself honest, to keep track, and to keep motivated I’m going to blog about it.
So that’s my master plan.
Let’s see how it goes!

Awesome! Good Luck!

It sounds like something I SHOULD do. I’ll be watching your posts, maybe they will inspire me to get off my keyster, too!

I know on a cruise last month, the spa on the ship was pushing my hubby to try it (but very expensive), they didn’t recommend it for me tho’ due to being diabetic. They had said I should consult with their Chinese herbalist, but I got abit scared with the push tactics they used on us.
Anyway,I’ll have to PM you to see what you are using unless you can let us know what you’re using. I’ve always wanted to give this a try, for the same reasons you are doing it, but a little afraid to try it with being on insulin.

I’m not fasting, just cleansing. Fasting scares me with diabetes/insulin use, etc. too.
Having to keep a close eye on blood sugars and pay careful attention to what my change in diet/activity is doing to it.
So far so good.