Weight Gain and Aging

Being a 50+ woman, I am seriously concerned about keeping my “D” in control, and getting my weight in control. I found this article this weekend, and thought, I don’t think this life is being very fair about how it treats us “old folks”. Are there members out there who are in their 50’s + and have found this more difficult in controlling weight and their diabetes?

" Weight Gain and Aging: How to Fight Back

A study of weight gain prevention in 284 women showed that women who maintained a healthy weight over a three-year period were more likely to:

  • Carefully monitor food intake
  • Avoid a loss of control of their diet (binging, for example)
  • Not feel hungry

The strategies for combating weight gain as you age are the same you’ve used before:

  • Count your calories
  • Eat a hunger-busting diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats
  • Keep fat intake below 30 percent of your calories
  • Be physically active, at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week (more if possible)

Aging doesn’t mean you are destined for weight gain — just step up your diet and exercise routine to stay on track! "

I understand that taking insulin causes weight gain.

I wouldn’t simplify it that much. My understanding is that when insulin is active in the body, the body craves nutrients to give the insulin something to do. And, if your body is used to high BG and low insulin, it will take time to retrain it to accept more balanced levels of food and insulin. I’ve tried to follow perfect food/insulin balances and it is doable, if you have the drive to achieve it. It takes time.

Today I can’t say the same as stress has taken over in my life, for which I’m finding much more harder to control than diet and insulin alone. But, that’s another thread…

I definitely notice a strong correlation between my insulin intake and my weight. I am on 2 shots per day. What did me in were the highs that needed extra insulin. I am not willing to tolerate high bg to avoid weight gain. In June I got a CGM which helped me to avoid highs. No highs, no extra insulin. I lost 15 pounds without trying. My BMI is 23. Normal for the first time in 10 years. One less battle to fight.