Weight gain and feeling poorly

hello all,
i started the Pod about a month ago. overall pretty good, numbers are better. but i've gained about 10 pounds and i actually feel a little worse now that my numbers are lower. is weight gain a side effect of the pod? anyone else feel worse off with lower numbers at first? thanks for any counsel...

I gained weight also, but because with the pod I didn't have to inject myself with insulin with a needle any more, just eat, enter the carbs and your good. Your numbers are lower, but because you can cover the carbs easier. Just my thoughts about my use. I used to run out of insulin in the pod before they would expire, but I have cut way back.

I learned to be honest with myself a little more and not just cover my carbs.

Actually, both are quite normal. When your BGs are habitually higher than normal, say 160, your body adapts and this becomes your new "normal". When you reduce the number using the pod it feels like you are a little low - uncomfortable. The feeling will go away as your body readapts to having the proper BG balance.

Another effect of having the proper insulin balance is that most is used by the liver for sugar conversion and storage as fat. When your sugar was high, much of your intake simply took a short cut through the kidneys . You have now re-entered the world of food/exercise balance. If you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight. The simple answer is eat less or exercise more. At least with a pump both are easily done.

AS Gary says..."eat less, exercise more." Always good advice. And I agree, when I first started the Pod and my sugars were running lower on overage, I found myself needing/craving more carbs, and putting on weight. when I finally realized what was happening and started to exercise every day, The weight came off and I started feeling better. Good luck!

thanks Gary. makes sense. good explanation.i'll ride it out and get moving!

Weight gain is a side affect of better diabetes control, no matter how you do it. But it is something you can change. Set a diet and stick to it. This may be difficult, because the real culprit is Insulin itself. One of the main side affect of taking insulin is hunger. So when you're BG numbers are lower, it's usually due to taking more insulin that you normally do, or at least having insulin work better. So the result is you can be more hungry.

Shortly after going on the Omnipod I joined Weight Watchers. I saw a change for the good in my BG numbers after starting the pod. But starting Weight Watchers was a BIG difference in the numbers. Like turning on a light switch, my numbers were noticably lower. And with the method Weight Watchers uses, I'm really not hungry any more than you'd expect. Other diets may work to, just find one that works and stick to it. Balanced diets are the best, so I wouldn't recommend Atkins or other single food source type diets. Normal metabolisms can handle these diets. Diabetic diets not so much so.

Good luck in your efforts!

Scott, better control should not increase hunger if balanced properly. Hypoglycemia is what triggers hunger response and an empty stomach will extend that response. It sounds like your basal rate is a little high or concentrating too much or carb intake but not calarie count. Both are important. Using a pump you tend to loose track of the calories and eat too much. Being Diabetic also requires being on a caloric diet in so far as you must watch calorie intake and balance it with metabolic usage.

Weight Watcher or any calorie counting diet is good but really only what you should be doing anyway. Buying their meals on a continuing regimen is a very expensive way to go and should be a last result. Simply including foods that are high bulk to calorie ratio will usually satisfy hunger, control calories and reduce post prandial spikes in BG.

Note that this does not include anyone with other forms of endocrine disorder, chronic or temporary. These people are a special case.

Atkins, or any diet that is regulated to maintain a level of ketones in the blood is a slow method of painful suicide, especially for diabetics.

Hey Doug,

I too have gained about 10 lbs since starting on the pod almost two years ago. Most of came on after my CDE/nutritionist upped my insulin to carb ratio, last year. She gave me a word of advice though that really makes sense. She said, "when given a choice, always choose fat-free over sugar free". It's been my new mantra for almost a year now and seems to work well. Of course it all comes with a balance of diet and exercise. The lower numbers will eventually start to feel normal.