Weight Gain and increased hba1c!

Please do not judge me from what I am about to say.I have been a diabulimic for the past 6 years.Today I finally admitted this to my healthcare team and they have agreed to work with me.I always held the belief that if i didnt give my insulin i could eat what i wanted and not gain weight...but this doesnt seem to be the case for me...for thepast month i had ben eating whatever i wanted...nutella icecream..bad food and not taking my insulin...and i gained 14 pounds in the last month and my hba1c increased...Does this mean that if i eat healthily from now on but take my insulin that i wont gain weight from improved control??Iam going to take my insulin nayway but I would just like to know what yer opinions/experiences are on insulin and weight??Any advice accepted..I am confused and scared!xx