Weight Gain during Pregnancy with Type 1

I still say that I understand completely! If you are like me then it’s the fact that you just don’t know for sure that the weight will come off… it stinks… their is no crystal ball… trust me on this… I hear the same reassuring words all the time which are VERY helpful… , but I guess I won’t be re-assured until the day I step on the scale and see the results with my own to eyes… :slight_smile:

Exactly! I have to see it to believe it!! I know how hard I used to work and how much time I put in to be in the shape that I was in before…So I will have to see it to believe it :slight_smile: BUT, I have a little faith that a bunch of this weight actually is water, considering every weekend when I relax and take it easy, I lose about 6 or 7 pounds just from peeing!! And even after that, I am still pitting in my legs. So I will hold out hope until the end of the pregnancy that people are right! And if they aren’t… I guess it’s gonna be back to the drawing board. I am going back to competitive volleyball again this fall after the baby 2 nights a week, so I know that will be motivation enough to get back into pre-baby shape to keep up with the rest of the women! haha. Especially since most of them are mommies too and have made their comebacks! Good luck to you!!

Donna, do you mind my asking if you had a vaginal birth or a c-section? I’m wondering if that plays part in the weight melting off? Also, my feet swell at the drop of the hat, so I’m anticipating the joy of that if/when I become pregnant! :slight_smile:

I ended up having a c-section. I was told that breast feeding and pumping may have helped me to loose the weight so fast. Also, the swelling (which was huge!) is water and people told me that it would often take a week or two for it to go down … sure enough, it all came off with a vengeance. I also think it has to do with not getting any sleep - my metabolism has been adjusting ever since!
FYI for those that are just giving birth … I am finding that I keep forgetting to take my insulin. I think my brain went out with my placenta, as they say … its quite frustrating to not remember if I took it or not. I often find out the hard way when my blood sugars are too high … it’s been quite the adjustment to balance my needs and take care of the baby’s feeding needs. The whole pumping experience ran my life. I just ended it a week ago and again … seeing a change in blood sugars. I think pumping/breastfeeding definitely burns calories!

Breastfeeding/pumping does burn calories, and lowers insulin needs. When I stopped breastfeeding my insulin needs increased and I also gained weight. Was sad about that!

I am now 30 weeks and actually still not gaining much weight. I believe to date I have only gained about 12 lbs… My doctor says its normal for me because I am overweight so they really dont want me to gain more than around 15 for the whole pregnancy. My appitite is kind of low and when I eat, I get full quick. I guess every pregnancy is different. people tell me during these last couople of months that I may BLOW up. I guess I will wait and see.

When you have your baby you will need to let us know if the weight really does fall off :slight_smile:

I am now 36 weeks and my weight gained is now at 45 pounds…so I am gaining less my 3rd trimester than my first 2…guess what they say is right, everyone is different,because everyone told me the 3rd would be the worst and for me its not the case!! The Swelling is INSANE however…my doctor told me she’s never seen anything like it for someone without pre-e and good blood pressure! Yikes!

I will for sure let you know how it goes!!! Weight gain has been slowing and baby is getting bigger/swelling getting worse… so I am really hoping alot of it is baby and water! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an update for all- I had my baby boy, Maxwell Jordan, on 9/24/2010 at 39.5 weeks after 3 days of induced labor and 2.5 hours of pushing! He weighed 8 pounds and 7 ounces. Life with baby is wonderful and busy!! Hence why I havent been online much! I just wanted to check in since I ended up losing 35 pounds the week after Maxwell was born!!! And I know people had asked me to check in after! I still have 20 left to lose, but I never would have believed the 35 would have come off like that! I ended up getting POST pregnancy hypertension and was in the hospital AFTER the baby came for 3 extra days and on Magnesium!! Baby also stayed in NICU for High Billirubin Levels (Jaundice) and an infection they never ended up locating after tests, but went away after antibiotic treatment. We are both healthy, happy and home!!

Good luck to everyone else out there and thanks for your help and support!

Congrats on your healthy son and ongoing weight loss!

Congratulations! I remember those early days well, exhilirating, and exhausting!