43 and pregnant with Type 1 diabetes

Hi All, Anyone who had been in my situation. I have Type 1 /LADA since 2010. My A1C has bee between 5.7 and 6.2 since my diagnosis. I am 43 and pregnant. I need to know if is if feasible for me to have a healthy pregnancy. I have two boys who would love to have a sister. Both of my pregnancies were before diabetes and relatively easy but I did eat a lot and could not control myself. I gained 56 pound during pregnancies which my doctor did not find worrisome as (according to him) I was too skinny before pregnancy.

PLEASE share you experience
Thanks a lot

You should talk to your doctor - you will likely be referred to a Maternal Fetal Medicine or high risk doctor because of diabetes and your age. I have Type 2 and am 17 weeks pregnant. I have an MFM doctor and also keep in close touch with my endo, as pregnancy hormones pretty much throw everything off (more insulin resistance sooner than women without D). They provide somewhat strict guidelines for fasting and mealtime blood glucose levels (for me: fasting under 95, 2 hours post-meal under 120 - it’s totally doable).

You can totally do it!


I have had 2 pregnancies on insulin (at 37 and 42 years old). It takes some work (I lie, a lot of work), but is totally doable. I ate low carb through both pregnancies, and did not gain very much weight - though I wasn’t slim to start with. The results for me were two perfectly healthy daughters. I give thanks every day that I was able to have them. If this is what you and your family want, you sure can do it.

There are also many ladies here who have been through this, and we can also share our experiences as you go along.

There is stuff saying you become insulin/leptin resistant while you are pregnant, if you and bub start putting on too much weight…I would look and ask about reducing carb levels to reduce insulin. but I wouldn’t go too low and into the keto range under 50-60g a day…I would ask about 140-180g as a starting point.

Thank you so much JustLookin,

Yes this is definitely what I am already experiencing. My sugar is uncontrollable. I have to starve myself to acieve the control I had before. I am so worried that occasional high will cause miscarriage or fetal malformation. Thanks Jack

Hi @Tara16,

I’m 38 weeks on my 4th child/pregnancy, 2nd T1 pregnancy. For both my T1’s I’ve maintained an a1c of 5.7-5.9. Its totally doable as @yourhanner mentioned. It feels like a mountain before you, a daunting task, but believe me you can get through this successfully. Now, I see a high risk doc and my endo but I’m 32 yrs old, I had my first kid when I was 26. The age is different but not much else is. :smile:

I didn’t eat low carb, I would call it medium carb :blush:
and I am still able to keep my BGs in check.

I have one boy, two girls and one baby gender surprise- although I think its a boy. My 1st T1 baby- she was 7lbs 7oz, healthy as can be. She came out at 39 weeks induced. No hypoglycemia at delivery. My biggest baby was 8lbs 13oz but that was before I had T1. All my kids, no matter their size, have been very healthy.

I don’t focus on how much weight I gain, I focus on how much weight the baby gains. I end of gaining more than baby, but breastfeeding cuts a lot of that out later. From my experience, for diabetic mom’s it takes longer for the weight to come off the older one is. Remember, it takes 9 months to gain all that weight, it will take some time to get it off.

As for the comment on insulin resistance, yes it will happen, not if but when. I went through bouts of IR at the end of my 2nd trimester and some in the 3rd. Its mostly due to the hormones and other goodness knows what produced from the placenta. Yes, diet does have something to do with it, but very little compared to the placenta. You will find this to be true when you finally give birth and your blood sugars go back to normal almost immediately. Once that placenta is gone, you are in a better place to control BGs with diet and insulin.
IR is normal in pregnancy, but you still need to try to get ahead of it, behind it, don’t give up trying to bring your BGs down. I have had moments when I felt like I was starving myself too. An occasional high will most likely not cause you to miscarry or cause fetal malformation. Its really good to keep your BGs in range but don’t let the worry go overboard. You need consistent highs, uncontrollable BGs to do that. The thing to focus your energies on is the amount of time it takes to come down from a high. I would get highs but I came down quickly. My drop rate was good to the point where my doctors really weren’t too concerned. Its if you have highs and you are staying high for long periods of time. When that happens, you also need to look at dehydration, potential DKA, which is serious enough when not pregnant but doubly serious in pregnancy. If you aren’t on a pump, doesn’t matter the make or model, get one. It will make managing your D during pregnancy so much easier, mostly for you but also for your doctors. There are studies concluding that women on insulin pumps need/require less insulin during pregnancy compared to those not on insulin pumps. Less insulin means potentially less weight gain for you and baby and potentially less bouts of IR.

This is all I can think of for now.
Best wishes with your pregnancy! :slightly_smiling:


it’s normal to be in a flap and worry about it…diabetics have healthy bubs every day…so take a breath :slight_smile:

Talk to your Dr and go by the advice…but don’t starve, have normal proteins and more fats (full fat everything, some nuts avocado, real butter, olive and coconut oil) to replace any lost carb energy, you may need to bolus for up to half of the protein. it’s counterintuitive but with medium/lower carb, but not keto, fats won’t make you fat

brush up on your sick day rules, this is for kids but it’s good details

Hi, I’m T1 for 32 years, 39 and nearly 24 weeks. My hba1c is 5.6, and I have been on a really low carb diet for about 12 years. (Dr Bernstein) Pregnancy wise, things seem to be fine. Doctors test my fructosamine level every 3 weeks and although it was high, because I was worried about eating enough to start with,(even with a good hba1c) with stricter control I have bought it down. I haven’t put on much weight, I was thin anyway, but the baby is the correct size and thats all that matters to me. I admit I’m not usually this low carb strict when I’m not pregnant, and my insulin amounts haven’t changed as yet… Although I have been told they will. I have written a list of food I’m gonna eat once this baby is born, just to get through this diet… I think I can deal with a few silly sugar levels after working this hard!!! Take each day as it comes, work out why you get highs, if you can ( I write everything down now, it really helps) and try not to worry. Xx

Congratulations! I have had two healthy pregnancies and have had type 1 for 24 years. And FYI I gained 4 pounds a month and that happened even when I was barely eating anything. I’m convinced your body either naturally gains weight or it doesn’t.