Weight loss in Type 1 Diabetics.. newly diagnosed

Hi there, this is my first post ever, first post having diabetes (sad, I know- finally becoming comfortable enough to talk about it), and my D Day as they call it is on October 8th. Keep in mind I have a very wonderful supportive family who loves me very much and would do anything for me, but I haven't ever gotten out there and talked with other people who have diabetes and really relate to them much. I don't go to any support groups, and basically don't talk to anyone about my disease until it's a Dr or my parents and I have an issue. I went to the intro counting carbs classes, etc. but didn't take it much past that.(so I'm very sorry if I'm rambling and seem a bit crazy :( ) So here's my biggest issue with this whole disease, besides stabbing/pricking myself about thirty times a day: How in the world am I supposed to lose weight?! Yes yes yes, I've heard most of the ideas: Get your Thyroid checked (checked it- fine), eat less calories (tried it- works minimally, not really worth starving myself over), eat less carbs (works fantastically, only problem- everything is a carb!!! geeeezeeee) , take less insulin (see carb note), etc. Anything I'm missing?? It's not coming off- I'm a very athletic person- played soccer in college, but was able to slim down a lot after I stopped playing. Then two years later, at the age of 23, was diagnosed with Type 1. I lost weight (about 15 lbs) right around being diagnosed (AIC was like 12 something!) but then gained all of it back rather quickly. I now struggle with weight all the time. I feel like if I'm getting close to losing a lb or two and accidently have a peice of bread, BAM- five lbs more added on to my already negative fifteen I'm looking to lose. I gain weight so easy it's like a kid in a candy store. I don't drink much alcohol- only wine really from time to time, and I eat very healthy! With the occasional splurge of perhaps a piece of dark chocolate I admit! My roomate is about my size and she can lose weight on the exact same diet and workout plan like clockwork. It's so unfair. I'm not very overweight, but I'd REALLY love to be back fitting comfortably in my clothes and not a size six anymore! :( If I could get to a four I would be happier than ever. I realize the days of fitting into a two might be over- haha. I eat very healthy and exercise (light weights and cardio) about six days a week- consistently! I have a personal trainer and I honestly don't think I could eat a whole lot healthier at the moment. I'm already trying to retain life as it is without my love of candy and getting used to maintaining healthy blood sugars and this incredible life change. My blood sugars aren't bad at all, but I do have occasional highs and lows from day to day. Some days good, some days bad, I'm sure you know. I want to lose about twenty lbs, fifteen maybe. If anything this is helping just to vent (sorry for babbling)- but in either regard, any helpful info would always be welcome :) Thanks a bunch

And ps... I just recently started looking into pumps, although I'm of course not excited about it since I'm 24 and still young and out on weekends and wearing tight clothes and meeting new people... hopefully one day to come across the man I'd like to marry! I am very independent, but I'd also like to maintain tighter control and I know this is the best way to do so. I"m thinking about the animas one touch ping... pros/cons weighed out I think I'd do best with this one- at least I'm hoping so :) And yes I plan to take it off on those nights when I'm out drinking with my friends (not many, but I absolutely cannot see myself at a nightclub with this baby on). MDI doesn't bother me anymore so I doubt one night of shots a week is going to kill me. Maybe I'll have it in a month or so- but I'm praying this helps me take some of the weight off too.

Best way I know to lose weight is to lower carbs & this doesn’t mean starving yourself at all. Insulin is a fat storing hormone. More carbs=more insulin=weight gain. Yep, it’s that simple.

A note about thryoid tests. Most docs just test TSH & this isn’t what’s needed. To evaluate thyroid function, a free T3 & free T4 test are what’s needed. I walked around hypothyroid for years because all that was done was TSH.

Geri hit it on the head.

You dont want to deal with the issues of a T-2 and become insulin resistent like some T-1’s. Then its onto Metformin. Dont become a double diabetic. If you are a constant snacker this can be a problem and you may need some help with Symlin or other medication.

Would urge you to read the “The Diabetic Solution” by Dr Richard Bernstein and join our group here on TU.

Give it a good go of it for two months. I think you will see a huge differnce eating the Dr B way and you will get the control you are seeking.

My Endo suggested that try to exercise away some of your daily carbs rather than blousing. For instance back off on 25% of your lunch bolus and workout a few hours later when your BG peaks until it is back in range.

I started to gain a bunch of weight after getting my A1c down in range and it was hard for me to learn to workout without going low - I’m still not good at it. The pump is not likely to help with weight loss unfortunately but it will help you gain tighter control and then you can also do things like back off from your basal rate to allow your BG to go up and again work out until it’s back in range (By up, I mean like 150) both of these essentially reduce your insulin consumption without decreasing your food intake if you feel like your diet is good the way it is. They also prevent you from having to eat to many extra carbs in order workout without going low.

I lost 37 lbs last year by following Weight Watchers - down to a BMI of 21, and very slim for my height. It wasn’t about eating less. I actually eat more than I ever did, but the right stuff.

I’m type 1. I LOVE food, and also exercise regularly.

Thanks for all the info! I’ll look into that thyroid test soon too just to make sure I got the ones required for an accurate diagnosis :slight_smile: I will definitely check into that book too because I am more of a snacker than a three meals a day person (being a teacher especially I tend to snack when my little ones do and just grab bites here and there). Weight watchers seems to be a popular regimen also, but it sounds so funny to be on a diet like that when I haven’t ever had to worry about things like ths before- maybe I’ll try it one day though. I’m glad it’s worked for you! And as for exercise… I think I gain muscle and fat very easily from the insulin- I’ve noticed this ever since being diagnosed. I’ve always been a muscular person, but I just tend to bulk up much easier now. I do lots of cardio, but am trying to focus lately on lighter weights more reps etc. Ever since I’ve been diagnosed I’ve used Novolog and Lantus for my MDIs. I’m hoping that once I go on the pump I will lose a little weight too- I do find I eat sometimes when I’m not even hungry to correct lows (unwanted calories) and hopefully that won’t happen as often once I have it :slight_smile: At least I feel healthy for the most part, I would rather be muscle than fat. So thank you for all your helpful input! I will definitely take it all into consideration!

There’s not much research out there regarding type 1s and weight loss, but if you look at general weight-loss research, limiting calories (whether you limit them overall, or from a specific nutrient group or food group) is what works. Of course, just concentrating on calories and not considering food and nutrient groups doesn’t exactly help with hunger or other issues such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure (which PWDs type 1 or type 2 should watch as part of reducing risk of complications).

Drastic regimes may drop pounds fast, but if you want to drop pounds forever, learnings from organizations like the Weight Control Registry may help. Here are some examples (some weigh-loss programs, such as Weight Watchers, include some of these):

Daily physical activity is important: 30 minutes daily just to be fit, 60 minutes daily to aid in (but not guarantee–cutting calories not just burning them is key) weight loss. Keep a daily food journal. Regularly weigh yourself (but not obsessively!) Find in-person or online specific weight-loss support and counseling, in a group or one-on-one. Watch less TV.

Although insulin can contribute to weight gain, it doesn’t have to if calorie intake/energy output are balanced (eating enough calories to fuel your body and activities, but not more than that). Of course, the very tricky thing is to figure out calories/energy needs as an individual, eat that way day in, day out, and add the additional juggling of meds, blood sugar lows, etc.! Best wishes.

Thank you :slight_smile: I think the reason I also am struggling right now is because I’ve had a virus (mono)recently and it resurfaces when my blood sugars get out of whack and my immune system is down. Working with kids… I’d say this happens quite a bit! Therefore I have had some super high blood sugars the past few days. I’ve been taking INSANE amounts of insulin and just feel gross because of it. But the funny thing is… I’ve been very conscious of my carb intake because of such highs… so, this inadvertantly has caused me to just eat less in general lately and i feel a tiny bit thinner. However I did go to the dr the other day and they weighed me when I came in, and it was still around 147 at lunch :frowning: Which I’m used to about 125/130… SO in any account, I think I just really need to focus on calories, and yes limiting my carbs. But i just really find that so hard to do (with the carbs) because a lot of things i eat are just carbs! Fruit and milk and yogurt, come on now! :frowning: I used to never think of those as carbs… but I’m trying :slight_smile: And thanks for all the insight… I wish u all the best of luck too!

I was diagnosed at 22 so I am in a similar situation! I am 23 now. It’s been just over a year. I feel the same way as you…lately I have been really putting on weight fast. My honeymoon period ended not long ago and ever since I had to up my TDD to 25-30 units, I am really having trouble. I am very active, and I eat VERY healthy. Lately I have been super hungry though! I don’t really count calories but I know I staY under 1800 per day. I think I usually eat around 1500 and then exercise on top of that. I don’t know what to do!!! I am not fat, but I just feel pudgier than I ever have been

P.S. I have the Animas One Touch Ping, and I really love it. I have some ups and downs but it gives me a lot of flexibility in terms of eating small amounts of carbs. I can bolus .10 units if I really wanted to!

I had the same issue when I was still doing MDI - it was frustrating and infuriating. I examined everything in my routine to see if there was some thing I was doing that was adding weight, and it came back to one thing: the Lantus. Some long lasting insulin’s can cause weight gain, and sure enough every time my dosage was raised I would gain 10 or so pounds. In a matter of a year and a half on it I went from 120 to 160. I’m not sure if you MDI requires a long lasting, but that was the tipping point for getting the pump for me.

Since being on my Ping I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds. The weight loss has been slow - I still have to exercise, eat reasonably, etc - but it is actually happening. As opposed to when I was on the Lantus and it just wouldn’t budge.

(Also, I found that the Ping is much better to deal with in the clubs/bars! I can hide it my bra! It blends in pretty easily if I’m wearing the right bra. No more whipping out an insulin pen or hiding in a bathroom to dose!)

Hmmm yes I defintely have been taking Lantus… and it’s up to about 26 units a night now. I used Novolog during the day but I was interested in the fact that the Animas Pump only uses short acting insulin- sounds good! Thanks so much for posting I didn’t think of that at all and I really do think that going on the pump will help me lose weight- even if it is very gradual. I’m glad to hear you’ve done so well and are living “normally”- esp out at night and stuff- with it!! :slight_smile: Thanks!

And “Lauren” (?) - I completely agree I go through phases and days when I feel super hungry!! I feel like I gain muscle AND fat very easily; so bulking up happens quicker than ever. But I really am looking forward to One Touch Ping and life with a pump for a change; I’m coming up on my one year anny and I think it’s about time I tried really getting it under tight control and trying something new :slight_smile: Thanks for all your input!!