Weight loss suggestions

Since my diagnosis and starting insulin I’ve put on 6 pounds. Not a lot but more than I want. So I’m planning on starting a diet as I want to keep weight gain at a minimum. I’ve been thinking of trying to lose 20 pounds total not that I physically need to I want to be as healthy as possible. I’m pretty much doing low carb already but as a newbie I wasn’t sure if there were any hints for diabetics.

I’m open to suggestions! I’m tired of my jeans not fitting! LOL!

Hi Elizabeth …my simple question in answer to yours …do you exercise regularly , I mean a min of 5 times per week @ 1/2 hour min.daily ?? I have been on insulin for almost 27 years and exercised regularly prior to being diagnosed …never gained , eat about 190 grams of carbs daily , possibly a little less, than when I was 45 …which is 24 years ago.And weigh a bit less since pumping , Maybe I am just lucky .I am on your side .