Weight Loss

Hi All…

I’m getting concerned about my current weight (I’ve lost about 20 lbs in the last 3.5 months). I am really worried about eating anything with carbs in it so have basically been eating mostly meat, eggs, cheese and veggies… I cant seem to gain any weight, just lose it…

I’m not on any medication and my Dr (who I think is useless) basically told me to come back in 3 months because my fasting numbers were good at my last blood test (94)…

Any ideas for weight gain?

Thanks, Paul

Why are you concerned about the carbs? I personally dont think you can cut out all the carbs. Have you had a chance to talk to a dietician? If I dont have carbs then my glucose just tanks. If I work out without carbs I cant complete a 30 minute run.

Are you going to a general practioner or an endo? I think you may need to talk to a different doctor if you are concerned and you may want to talk to a dietician to figure out what you should be eating. I do eat carbs but in moderation. You may just need to chose the wiser carbs instead of the ones that shoot your glocose straight up. I have done a lot of testing to figure out how a perticular carb will react in my body.

take care

I know that you have worked diligently to reduce carbs in order to get your blood sugar down. You will find it difficult to gain weight with a zero carb diet. My suggestion is to first grant yourself some slack on the whole carb thing. Eat enough carbs that your blood sugar is 140 mg/dl 2 hours after meal. Don’t eat zero carbs so you can be at 83 mgl/dl two hours after meal.

Next, you need to eat MORE! You need to start a food log. You should target at least 3,000 calories a day, perhaps even 4,000. You need protein. I’ve said this before, eat protein at least 1-1.5 g/ pound of bodyweight. I bet that once you write down what you have been eating, you will be surprised at your drop in calories when you dropped so many carbs in your diet.

Finally, I would recommend that you decrease the running and start some weight lifting. Endurance exercise can be catabolig and you really want to increase your weight.

There are many here that would kill to be in your position weight wise, but you would certainly be healthier with more lean body mass.

Hi Paul,

I have been through the same situation. I lost 20lbs in 4 months. In my case, I used to take less calories then what I required. Those were initial days, I had to control the BS levels, so I started taking less and less carbs. I used to visit my doctor once in a month, I told him about the weight loss, he was never bothered. So doctors dont tell you what you have to do.

I used to take lantus 14units, ,0.5 mg amaryl,…I hv added 4 units of Apidra for night night meal only with extra carbs. its been close to 1 week now…looks like I have put on some weight. I dont expect to gain more weight either.

all the best.

First, I would get a doctor you really respect and like. My endocrinologist is awesome. My first appointment with him was 2 1/2 hours and we TALKED. So find someone good you can get along with.

Next, I was afraid to eat anything for a long time. Some days I still am. I’m a mediterranean diet chick and just sat down and did more planning so I felt better about eating - its in the plan for the day = its ok to eat it. You’ll find a good balance. Make yourself start with a carb a meal and work your way up.

good luck

Can’t see why anyone would want to raise their BG to 140 after meals if they have a choice not to.

Dieticians I went to all pushed ADA recommendations. Eating that many carbs didn’t work for me & I spent all day on the insulin roller coaster as a result.

Weight lifting is a great suggestion! Increased muscle mass helps with insulin sensitivity. If it’s hard for you to eat more protein, try protein shakes. Unflavored, unsweetened whey isolate protein powder is very low carb & high in protein. Mixed with unsweetened almond milk & some heavy cream will add calories. Don’t worry about fat because you want foods that are calorie dense.

I eat low carb & have a hard time maintaining weight. Protein helps. I couldn’t handle eating a lot more protein at meals without feeling like I’d explode. Protein shakes helped me & taste great. I add unsweetened cocoa powder, or vanilla, a shot of decaf expresso, sometimes peanut butter. Possibilities are endless.

You can also add protein powder to soups & other recipes.

I read an article in the magazine DIABETES SELF-MANAGEMENT and it talked about doing too tight control on patients. The mortality rate was higher because of the damage hypoglycemia causes over time. So it seems like the 140 after meals should be o.k. To me no carbs=no energy and then I start burning fat and muscle like I did before I was diagnosed.

Well my impression was that Paul was actually doing an outstanding job in changing his diet to control his blood sugar. But in fact changing to a low (or very low) carb diet is actually a dramatic change and getting enough calories can actually be harder than some people think. It is also true that gaining weight on a very low carb diet can be a challenge. Dr. Bernstein usually recommends increased protein. But in Paul’s case, I actually think that given the level of control he seems to have achieved, he could back off a bit and consume some more carbs, probably another 10-30 g /meal without a negative affect on his blood sugar. I’m not suggesting that he go above 140 mg/dl 2 hours after meal, but going from 95 mg/dl to 115 mg/dl 2 hours after meals is quite reasonable. I just think you might want to consider loosening up a bit. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Hi bsc,

Thanks for the info. Wow, 3000-4000 calories a day… I am going to figure out roughly how many calories per day I’ve been consuming and I think you will be right, not enough… I will be trying to eat more…

I have actually stopped running for just over a week now and go for a nightly 1 hour walk in the neighborhood with my wife. I had to stop running because I knew it was too much with the added weight loss. I miss it though, I’ve been running for about 12 years non stop…

Thanks again for your comments, I appreciate them… Paul