Weight loss

I started Metformin 1000 mg. this year and have no appetite. It causes problems as I don’t eat all the food groups, fruit, dairy, proteins. I have lost about half my wt. and my doctor has been pulling his hair our going ballistic with me. It has actually caused an increase of problems with my diabetes with my internal organs struggling. I try and eat but after about 4 bites my stomach starts hurting. I don’t know what to do. I am taking a diabetic class for the next 6 months to find out more about proteins and how to make combos that will be useful with my food. I am just tired of his lectures and trying so hard. I had hoped wt. loss would help as it did for family members but this is completely different than what they had. My highest sugars are when I first wake up.

What type of Diabetes are you, and what are your numbers right now?

I have type II. I have dawn phoenomenon where my morning sugars are the highest 180-200. My A1C was 7.3 three months ago so due for another one. I have been experiencing kidney and internal organ problems, heart palpitations etc. Going thru menopause is making my blood sugars go nuts and allergic to hormone replacement therapy so riding it out. I can bottom out at 52 and did when I passed out in the Soc. Sec. office. I can reach high 200’s. Does this answer what you were looking for? I am in a diabetic workshop for 6 months and a dietician is working with me. I get 200-400 calories a day - no protein all carb.

Yeah, it seems like a vicious cycle… You’re not getting enough calories, and the calories that you do get are not balanced… so it causes stress on the body, and it causes it to try to protect itself, as if you were enduring a famine. The result is that while you lose water weight and muscle mass (and sometimes it is a lot), you will gain more fat (from storing all those carbs, for ‘famine’), and when your sugars drop overnight, hormones will kick in on overdrive, to bring that up. Consuming 200-400 calories of carbs canb be ok when we are so sick we can’t eat, but it’s not okay for a daily food routine, and can put the body through so much stress as to keep sugars high. You may want to discuss changing medicines with your Endocrinologist (if you don’t have one, it’s probably a good idea to look for one. Many general practitioners just don’t get a lot of the education an Endo would), and do not be afraid to stand your ground if these meds are not working for you at all. There are other meds to treat Type 2, besides Met. Perhaps, for now, add some veggies that have a high protein count, like beans, or asparagus. Some snack bars like South Beach Living High Protein bars, have extra added protein in them, as well, while giving you some carbs. Last, but not least, I have learned that many people get misdiagnosed as Type2, and are really late adult onset type 1… or LADA. You might benefit from reading some of their stories, here, in our forums, and how to confirm a diagnosis.

Not in any way trying to lecture, or anything… I understand how that feels. Just some ideas for starting points to move on from your current situation. I think there are threads in here that also discuss other types of meds for treating Type 2… which might be some helpful reading. I don’t know if this helps… but best of luck.

I am familiar with LADA. My cousin is a doctor at Loma Linda Hospital and this has been his area of expertise for many years now. I also experience Dawn Phoenomenon. The wt. loss has put me much more active now. I just got back from a 4 mile walk…without a jacket today I might add. I am taking a 6 month diabetes class thru my hospital with a dietician and RN who specializes in diabetes. Thanks for the well wishes and taking the time to write your concerns. I appreciate it. J

The more wt. I lose the higher my blood sugars are becoming. I was just sitting here now out of the blue and my BS was 201 between meals. This has been creaping up the past few weeks,

Judith I had the same problem with the eating problems in the past and I have moved to eating smaller more frequent meals. Metformin is nasty on the stomach. Do you take any other meds? I am taking lisinopril for high blood pressure and it was making me sick during the day so I switched to night time. I do tend to eat very bland meals and then I spread everything else out during the day. I usually eat chicken and some veggie. I eat something every two hours but in small 100 calorie quantaties with 15 to 20 grams of carbs. Fruit i also spread out during the day. At one point my stomach was so bad from januvia and metformin that i went and told the doctor that if it did not clear up I was going to go on insulin instead. I have been on insulin in the past and that did not mess with my stomach at all. So when the met stops working I am not taking any more pills, I am going straight back to the insulin.

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I have wondered if it wouldn’t be worth it. It has made me so sick that I have thrown up what little I can eat now or else it just goes thru me the other way. That’s why I got so dehydrated and they found me unconscious 1/2 block from my home about 3 weeks ago in 28 degree weather at night. I had to take my blood pressure pill and split it taking half in the morning and half late afternoon as it was too much. I take triameterene. My doc has me eating Activia and doing probiotics to strengthen my stomach back up. Like you I have been eating soft foods like sugar free puddings, jellos, sugar free rice puddings. The thing is that I can’t lose any more wt. as it has gone too far. I have just been avoiding anything like a meal and just peanut butter crackers (1 or 2) etc. My stomach hurts all the time not just pill time but then I take it 5 times a day now! How many times a day do you take it? Thanks for lettingme know this. I am sad for you but nice to know it isn’t just me or in my head. lol

Hi Judith. That’s Dawn Phenomenon. I also have high BSwhen I first wake up. I read where people have high readings of BS upon waking because the body needs the insulin to get us up and go. I have a 7.0 A1c and my doc wanted me to go on Metformin but I didn’t want to go on meds and am trying the Atkins low carb. My high 2 weeks ago was 250 and this week my high has been 119. Now that the weather here in NH is finally getting warmer I can get outside more often to walk. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

I walk 4 miles every day and now have to take 2500 mg. metformin so I take it 5 times a day. My stomach is always upset. I have never had an A1c that low yet. The less I eat the higher the numbers. Hard to eat when your stomach always feels sick. Lost 90 plus pounds.

It sounds like your doc needs to get you off metformin and try something else. I give you credit to be walking 4 miles. It sounds like something else is going on with your system.

Not getting enough calories by any means in the day. It is taking a toll on my internal organs and my body crashed about a month ago and spent the weekend in the hospital. It is making my numbers worse not better. I was a marathon runner and had both knees replaced. I am trying to get back into running at least 5 K’s to start. I have two the next two months plus I do a major workout at home as well.

I was diagnoised last week by by Primary - my endo treated my thryoid but says my 6.8 134 sugar was ok, Primary did AIC 7.8 and she put me on Metformin…so confusing - I have lost 15 lbs in 8 days - I am very overweight but, not feeling so good. Afraid to eat anything. My level is staying around 95,97,79,104,111-I will be going back to my endo doctor tomorrow because I believe my Primary jumped the gun on me…it was all in what I am eating and high lever enzymes. Hope this helps

Thanks. That is helpful. I feel so shakey most of the time and think it is low blood pressure or dehydration and not blood sugars as mine don’t tend to run low. I do know that mine are extremely high before I ever get out of bed in the morning. I have lost too much wt. now but like it. I do see my numbers going higher when I am feeling worse which has been going on for awhile now. I also have a low thyroid but was my call whether to go on med or not as it wasn’t significant.

Have you had your vitamin D checked? My husband had the feeling of the shakes and his dr gave him a blood test. It showed his thyroid was borderline, but his vitamin D level was way low. He’s on med for 8 weeks to see if his next blood work comes back normal.

Thanks Tish. You have been so helpful to me. Does it take a specific test or general CBC check? I do no dairy so maybe. I know the blood sugars aren’t too low but that’s what everyone assumes when I get like that. I am going to ask my doc. You’re great.

I had to make myself a chart and check off the foods that I was eating. It gave me visual that I needed to eat right, and to exercise. Marking it off was a physical activity that made things work for me. I’m on Metformin, too, and it has affected my
appetite, too. AND sometimes I have to force myself to eat something…our bodies will shut down and go into starvation mode rather than lose the weight. So eat what you are supposed to eat, track it, and soon you’ll be back on track. We’ll stick together and be thin and healthy soon.