Weird BG behavior - did you observe something similar?

So I’ve observed something strange going on with my BG. I bolused a little too much for my meal once, and the BG went down to 72. But, once the insulin was gone, it went up again, up to ~95. And then … it stopped. In another case, I moved around with some insulin on board. BG went down of course. Later it went up again … and stayed somewhere in the 90-105 area.

What is this? Is this an effect from honeymooning?

Even people with working pancreas’ have blood sugars that climb or decline a little. No one stays at the same level all the time.
I did an overnight clinical trial study and my overnight with just basal insulin from an IV and no food, changed throughout the night. From as high as 1.7 to .6. I have never had a basal rate that high overnight but that was what they did to keep my blood sugar in the perfect range for the next morning start of testing.
There is no rhyme or reason to the ups and downs of blood sugar. But I always say, get the basal rates set first, than you can play around with carb ratios.
Good luck and realize this is diabetes!

it might be simply the fact that you’ve had lots of protein and fat with the meal and these take really long to digest, i used to have this before i split my novorapid dose because i mostly eat low-carb or keto so i take for every meal like 3 or 4 doses split one hour.


Yes, it would feel weird to me, if my bg behaved itself so nicely. Normal for me is for it to zoom up and down all over the place and require constant intervention!


Oh I’m not complaining, it’s just odd. Honeymoon is the only explanation I have for it.

Protein and fat would account for small but steady increases. This however is an increase that always stops at 90-105.