Weird link off of cnn months ago trying to sell diabetic cure

Anybody see the ad link on cnn's web site proclaiming to have a cure you can buy that would make you not diabetic after about 6 months? It was chromium picolinate, ibuprofen and cinnamon combined daily. The government research on chromium picolinate suggests some actual benefits and side affects of large doses related to improving insulin absorption. I have seen some other type 2 diabetic talking about taking cinnamon, so I am not sure on that one. What's your thoughts on this, and have you seen other claims directed at you or on large scale sites like CNN? Do you know of other concoctions similar to this?

Ads promising a cure really tick me off. So far there is no known cure for any type of D. This product might be a good treatment but it is not a cure.

Someone should do something about this kind of false advertising.

I think I need to come up with a new cure for diabetes:

Twice daily:
NY style cheese cake
Godiva chocolate
Single malt scotch

Heritage Essential Oils
December 31, 2012
Karen asks about TYPE 1 DIABETES: My daughter has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She is taking insulin shots 4x/day. We have been trying supplements, cold laser therapy with some success in driving her need for insulin down. We have no family history so we are assuming its an autoimmune disease or virus. I don't want to leave any stones unturned so I wanted to ask you as well. Is there an oil(s) that you would recommend to treat an 'autoimmune/virus' ? There is some belief that this starts in the liver, so she is taking milk thistle. We have assumed she has a 'leaky gut' so shes taking enzymes and also think she has built up excessive toxins. Should I try putting plague defense on the bottom of her feet everyday to possibly help in pulling some of the toxins out (not sure if it will do that)? Basically, we want to clean her insides out and get her as healthy as we possibly can with a focus on the pancreas and liver. Please let me know what you think or anyone else for that matter. Thanks!

I "liked" this page on FB because I have used some of their other products, but when I saw this I was kind of pissed off that someone would lead others to believe that you can cure type 1 by pH balancing. If anyone wants to read the comments it's dated 12/31/12 Heritage Essential Oils.

Looks to me as if this is Snake Oil.