Yet another E-mail with the CURE

Wow I just got an e-mail for a new product that will Cure My Diabetes, I am curious if people see these products and truly think they will be cured or is it a Hopeful way of thinking. Steve Jobs had Pancreatic cancer and didn’t get treatment and died so its not a lack of intelligence that causes people to go for other ways to treat illnesses.

On many occasions I have been told of CURES for Diabetes or How-A-Bout “If you eat less, you can take less INSULIN”, well dear I take Insulin because I don’t produce it & I need to eat. Its funny I was 6’5 & weighed 160 lbs when I was told that.

Although its Great to have a variety of products in the World, wouldn’t it be Great for our self-esteem & Health if the word CURE had restrictions put on it.

It seems we will be irritated with these bogus claims until there is a cure for diabetes. There are millions of people with undiagnosed diabetes as well as millions with "pre-diabetes." I see that term as disingenuous and malfeasant. It's really stage 1, type II diabetes or even slow onset type I.

With such a huge market of fearful people with little actual knowledge of diabetes, the environment is ripe for medical charlatans to peddle their diabetes snake oil. Some of them realize that using the word "cure" is not as effective as "reverse," as in "reverse your diabetes." We can no more reverse diabetes than we can turn back the hands of time!

We may be able to reverse some of the symptoms of diabetes with diet and exercise but the underlying condition remains. I despise attempts to make money of off peoples' hopes, fears, and ignorance.

While we might be able to legislate laws regarding the use of "cure" and "reverse," the best antidote is education. Now if we can just distract people long enough so they turn off the televised sports contests and mindless TV amusements, we might make some progress!

I don't think we're ever going to eliminate the use of "cure" and "reverse" from the frauds that perpetuate these claims, but we can educate one person at a time.

Sadly, there are a lot of people out there who are ither gullible or so desperate for a cure that they will believe anything. There are a ton of naturopathic types that send this stuff out, which really angers me because it is very dangerous. I find that parents of Type 1's are particularly vulnerable because they so hang onto their hope for a cure, and that is really heartbreaking. Yes, we would all like to see a cure, but those of us who have been around a while can verify that a cure has been "right around the corner" for at least 50 years. Don't plan for a cure within your lifetime - manage your diabetes to help minimize complications now as best you can, and give support to each others like on this site so we can get through it together.

I've been Type 1 for 33 years & I wish I was shocked at what people believe in, thanks for your comment

I have 2 Type 2 friends who refuse to take Insulin & they always feel terrible yet they buy these products in Bulk saying that it might work. It would be Great to see all Diabetics manage their diabetes & not buy more Snake-Oil. Thanks for the comment.

I agree, there are so many cures/treatments for nearly everything chronic. Many of them claim to cure/treat multiple diseases so this should be a key give away to people who try them, that and the fact that they don't work, lol.