Weird rash under where my freestyle libre was

Hey guys,
I’m using the freestyle libre as my CGM and this past time it was itching like crazy, I couldn’t wait to get it off and switch sensors. Looking at it today there are blisters where the libre was and it has a bright red circle. Anyone else have these issues?

If you are allergic you might try a barrier (there are a variety of barriers, both chemical and dressing-types). Or try Flonase, which many report helps with allergic reactions.

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Thank you, that is helpful. I put a new one on but I will have to do that next time.

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Smith and Nephew Skin Prep (let it dry completely for barrier use, or partially dry for better adhesion.
Smith & Nephew No-Sting Skin Prep for sensitive skin
Smith & Nephew IV-3000 transparent dressing

Thank you, I will look into those. That is helpful!

Allergic reactions to the Libre sensor are pretty common. It’s even documented in numerous studies on sites like PubMed.

I used the Libre for several months and used Cavilon barrier spray between the sensor and my skin to try to prevent a reaction (because I end up becoming allergic to a lot of things). Sadly, I started reacting to the sensor even through the barrier cream. The reactions would take 2-4 weeks after removal of the sensor to stop itching, so I stopped using it.

I would try one of the barrier sprays/wipes or else some have tried inserting through a barrier film/tape such as Tegaderm.

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Thank you, that’s good to know and concerning. I react to many things too that come into with my skin. It feels itchy under the sensor I put on Friday. Which sensor do you use now?

Apparently I am allergic to the Libre.
I get the bright red reaction with serious skin damage. Yes it itches for the first 48 hours.

I am NOT allergic to anything else!

I consider the Libre reaction a chemical burn.

I use Tegiderm patches to help reduce the reaction. It took a few weeks but since using the Tegiderm I am experiencing LESS redness and milder skin damage. But it is still itchy for the first 48 hours.

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Since early August I am NO LONGER experiencing a skin reaction to the Libre sensor adhesive. No redness nor any skin damage.

I NO LONGER use any barrier!

I guess my alergy has gone away?

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Possibly. I had allergy to Medtronic set adhesive which magically went away after a year or so.

That’s great! I’ve been to worried to try a barrier. My A1C is more under control now, under 6 so I thought maybe I don’t need to wear one right now.