Abbott 14 Day Sensor irritating skin

I have been using and liking the results of the 14 Day Libre Sensor since March 2020. Three weeks ago, the skin under the sensor on my left arm was red and irritated. Last week the skin on my right arm under the newest sensor was more irritated than the previous sensor.
I talked with some “customer support staff member” who was useless. Abbott is going to send me 2 new sensor but could not tell me if : a. the sensor glue has been changed or b: what is causing the skin irritation.
I just applied a new sensor to my left arm and used non-Abbott alcohol to cleans the sensor sight.


Thanks in advance.

I’ve been hearing lots of new reports of Dexcom adhesive allergies, including my own. I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the supply line, given the pandemic and factory shutdowns, if Abbott had to change their adhesive, too.

Then again, this is my first summer with a CGM. Maybe it’s just a normal complaint in the summer due to extra sweat/oil trapped under the sensor

When I was using Libre I always had a giant red ring under the sensor when I took it off. No such thing with Dex. It didn’t itch or anything, so I would say it looked worse than it was but it was there and faded slowly

I have heard spray Flonase and let it dry. Nancy50

Thanks laura S and Nancy50 Will try the Flonase on my next sensor change.

I use “Remove” or “Unisolve” to loosen the adhesive underneath my Freestyle Libre CGM sensors so they don’t leave much of a mark, and it fades pretty fast.

I use Flonase for my pump sites, but I don’t generally need anything for my sensor.
It depends what adhesive they use and which ones you may be allergic to.

My Animas sets never bothered me at all. My Medtronic ones got irritated. Now my tandem ones are just fine.
There is no telling what’s going to be a problem.