Welcome to Egypt مرحبا أوباما

Sultan Hassan mosque, president Obama visited today in Cairo.His speach was memorable.

Absolutely beautiful!

Awesome. I would love to visit Egypt. Thanks for Sharing Sohair.

Thanks Danny,kim and Lucy.You welcome my dear to Egypy. There are two mosques facing each other,Sultan Hassan and Al Refaey Mosques. The area has The Citadel,Salah Al Deen Castle,so historical and beautiful.

And I am waiting for that day,to show you history,ancient,kopts,islamic history in every street in Egypt,wirh nation who is kind and peaceful.Hope it will be soon my friend.

Beautiful!! Thank you Sohair!

One of my Mom’s dreams was to visit Egypt, she wasnt able to do so before her passing away. Maybe one day I can go, and take her along in my heart.

I wish if I see all of you one day in Egypt and have a good time together,Robyn.

Sohair these pictures are so beautiful…You have the opportunity of a lifetime living in such beauty with so much history… I so enjoyed the speech yesterday and the welcome from Cairo was what I expected we are ready for change…Cairo University has made history …

Hi Carla,
It was nice watching my university where I was graduated yesterday greeting president Obama,I miss Egypt.Sutan Hassan area is my neighborhood,brought up in this area and it is so dear to me.I love it.