At last I met Manny!

The day I met Manny

7th of Dec 2011,here I am in diabetes café waiting for my hero. At last I saw Manny, I approached him , and he asked: Sohair?
Hugs, without hesitatation, and glad my Arab colleagues were not around yet ,because in our religion we do not hug men ,but Manny is like a son or a brother to me.
I cannot explain that sense of pride. He presented his great talk,and all my friends were there. I felt belonging to Manny as I do belong to all my wonderful colleagues.
The congress was the first in Arab country ever, the prayers call was heard and there was a prayer area for us. I was glad that people from all over the world came to Dubai, getting to know Arabs from so near.
The good news is ADA will arrange a yearly congress in Dubai in December, so see you all my friends there next year, and see you my dear Manny again.


It was such an amazing experience for DHF that you guys met. We felt the world is a lot smaller and reachable. I was almost crying when I saw the video.

I am sure, as a Venezuelan it did not even crossed Manuel's mind he could not hug you right away! lol

Your so lucky! Now I got to go over there just to meet him! LOL! Sounds like u guys had a great time!!! p.s. over here in the States we hug all the time! LOL! My g-mother says that someone once told her that when they meet someone from my family they can get ready b/c we ALAWYS hug ppl! LOL!

It was SO incredible to finally meet you, amiga... I couldn't avoid wanting to hug you!!! :)

Hoorah! So glad that you two met!!

A special memory for you Sohair, for sure a day you will always remember. Manny gives GREAT hugs! I love him like a brother too. I'm glad the congress was there, another source of pride for you.

My dear Judith,
It was wonderful to see Manny.He is so sincere and decent guy you take him to your heart at once as one of your own famil.

Andriena my dear:
I was upset that you were not there with Sam.I wished to meet you all.You know how much I love you and respect you all. Let us meet in ADA next year in Dubai.

Doris my dear friend,
It was great to see Manny who showered me with lovely presents.With busy schedule and too many things to do,and my cellphone went dead ,I could not spend more time with Manny.But I am sure I will meet him again.

Manny,my dear :
YOU are a GREAT GUY.Thanks for every thing you are doing for diabetes cause.You deserve Noble Prize.

Looks like a real interesting presentation! Especially with all those balloons and what not.