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Hi, my name is Vivi. I’ve been T2 for almost 30 years and everyone in my immediate and extended family were either T1 or T2. My family history is long and with few exceptions a diabetic horror story. But I have learned valuable lessons from it and my T2 has been well controlled for 20 years.

I came here to see how the freestyle libre is working for others. I’ve been using the One Touch meters for years but like the convenience and size of the freestyle libre. Unfortunately, the readings, at least so far, haven’t been accurate.

Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing.


Welcome, Vivi. If you use the site search you’ll find a number of discussions of the Libre. Glad to have you with us!


thanks! I am on Metformin 500mg 2x daily with meals!

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Greetings all! After weeks of fever during a horrible bout with influenza in 2001, endocrinologists figured out that my pancreatic cells had been wiped out. Haven’t missed an annual flu shot since. I’ve been taking insulin through self-administered injections (currently Lantus and Novolog) ever since then. But my metabolism is ever changing and for whatever reason, controlling my blood glucose levels has become increasingly more difficult over the past year. Tomorrow, I’ll be set up with the Tandem T-Slim X2 pump paired with the Dexcom G6. My most recent A1C was 5.9, which sounds great but reflects an averaging of a too many frightening lows to offset just as many uncomfortably high BGs. I am hopeful that these new tools will make my current biologic roller coaster ride more level and less thrilling. I try to stay physically active and enjoy riding unicycles and taking walks.

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Welcome to TuD! That rings a bell for me, too. I was on Lantus/Novolog for about ten years (after 20 on R/N) and my A1Cs looked fine—low 6’s. But my endo would chastise me for anything under 6.4 or so because, as she said, it reflected too many hypos. It’s just an average after all, and she was right. Pumps are much better at helping you level things off. With MDI you can’t change it once you’ve injected it, but with a pump you can, at least as far as basal goes. And a CGM is even more essential, I think. Up until now you’ve just been getting snapshots from your finger sticks that don’t tell you anything about how you’re trending, unless you’re poking yourself 15x a day. Also helps you pre-bolus, which helps level post-prandial spikes. Etc etc etc. I just upgraded from G5 to G6 and I’m finding it fantastically accurate, to the point where I’m down to using my meter once a day or so.

Anyway, glad to have you here—please feel free to jump in and participate.


Thanks for the reply to my introductory post, DrBB! I am very glad to have stumbled onto tudiabetes. I’ve already found lots of resources and information to help me get along with my diabetes - it’s a consolation that I’m not alone on this path. Thanks for welcoming me into the group.


I am also new here. I am from newyork


Welcome to the forum, Cathy—glad to have you with us! If you feel like sharing a bit about your diagnosis, how long, and what your treatment regimen is, we can help you with any questions you may have. And of course you’re welcome to weigh in with your own tips and experience on any topic that interests you. It’s a very active site and there’s a lot of information here!

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Welcome all. For Evie… I’ve been a T1 since I was 14. Had 3 children all c sections for each one. The best and most important thing I can remember is to watch your BS. My first was delivered early because of water retention, 2nd I lost at 7 months, my 3rd was a long scary journey. Placenta tore, no lifting. Back then I was going to specialists and having multiple tests. OCT, oxitosis challenge test to see if my daughter could handle contractions. Glucose tolerance tests. I am sure science, technology and medicine has come a long way. Best advice, enjoy the experience and don’t worry. Diabetics are strong, resilient, and have patients. God bless and good luck.

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Hi, I’m Ed and was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 14 (47 years ago). I’ve been on a variety of insulins over the years. Been using a pump for about 15 years, currently Medtronic 630G with FIASP insulin. I discovered this forum while researching the FreeStyle Libre. Part way through my second sensor now and loving it. I’m looking forward to reading more posts and contributing.


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Hello, Patty here. I had been flirting with type 2 diabetes for years. I was pre-diabetic and diabetic but controlled. I had been on Metformin for years abnd my A1C floated around 6.8. My numbers ranged from 110-140. Time and weight finally caught up. My A1C went up to 8.3 and my fasting sugars were around 170. So the doctor decided to put me on Farxiga about 3 months ago. I haven’t had blood work yet to see if the A1C dropped but my daily sugars have been at least 30 points lower . My goal is to of course lose weight and get off of the farxiga. I also am a very stressed person which I know causes health issues. Has anyone here had success with getting off of medication for good?

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Hi Patty, Welcome to our community. There are plenty of resources here to help you with your goal.

Your goal is difficult and many people struggle with it but it is possible for some.