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Hi — I’m Anthony and was originally diagnosed in January 2009 with Type 2 diabetes.
I was initially started on Metformin. Later in January 2010, due to protein in the urine, I was taken off Metformin and put on Gliclazide - 30 mg MR (modified release tablets), 2 tablets in the morning. In March 2012, I was started on Lantus (slow acting insulin injections twice daily).

Due to my A1C continuing to be high at 11.8. I was started on October 2014 on Novolog fast acting insulin using Medtronic Min-Med Insulin Pump. A few months after using the Medtronic Min-Med insulin pump, I moved on to the Asante Snap insulin pump that made a huge difference as it took a pre-filled insulin cartridge and was quick and easy to manage while travelling instead of drawing insulin in a syringe and then filling the reservoir in the insulin pump, Unfortunately Asante went out of business.

In November 2015, I moved to the Omni pod insulin pod system. This system uses a tubeless blue tooth enabled Pod to deliver insulin. This was the best system as I did not have to worry about the tubes getting caught up and pulling out the insertion as on the Medtronic Medi-med or the Ashanti Snap insulin pump that both used a tube system. In December 2016, I was started on Dexcom CGM Continuous Glucose Monitor which allowed me to see how I was trending and was able to adjust my insulin intake to better control my blood glucose levels. After being on Omni pod insulin pod system and the Dexcom CGM, my A1C dropped to 6.8.

I look forward to learning and contributing to the Forum.



Welcome to TuD Anthony! Sounds like at some point your original T2 diagnosis was discovered to be incorrect, as you appear to have been switched to T1-appropriate therapy. Misdiagnosis of T2 is something that happens all too often with people who get T1 as adults, and there’s quite a bit of discussion of it here. I’d add that I too was using the Assante Snap before it got yanked out from under me—glad you’ve found a system that’s working so well for you!

Hi all, I’m Evie and I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 17 years. I’m currently using Omnipod and Dexcom G6. Last a1c was 6.5 and my husband and I are planning to start a family ASAP. Joined this forum for some community and guidance about pregnancy with T1D. Like should I be seeing a high risk OB?! Would love some friends who’ve been there and can help me navigate uncharted territory :blush:

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Welcome to TuD, Evie! Pregnancy and T1 is actually a pretty frequent topic around here. If you do a site search (magnifying glass icon, top right) on “pregnancy” you’ll see a number of posts on that subject. Glad to have you with us!

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Great to have you on board Evie! This forum is a blessing in disguise. I’ve been T1D since I was a wee kid and have learned as much real / usable info from this forum than all I knew up to that point.

Rather than getting “advice” from your doc(s), get real-life feedback from others who have experienced the same.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions - someone will respond!


Hey everyone! Greetings from sunny South Florida. Don’t really know how to express myself to strangers but I’m desperate for my family’s well being. Not that it’s all bad but I am looking for some advice or recommendations by those who share the same experiences as my family and I do. I personally don’t know anyone close, other than my child, that I can trust enough to accept advice from that lives with T1D. With that said, I’m off to explore the forum. Maybe even start a new topic. Thanks.


Welcome @Luiebinions! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, someone will be around to help you and your family out.

Hi all.

I was a Type 2 Diabetic for about 6 years, but never took insulin. I unfortunately had a “perfect storm” DKA over the recent holidays and now am a Type 1 Diabetic needing to learn a lot about the disease.

As I am taking insulin - does anyone know of a reputable Canadian Pharmacy or distributor of Diabetic Products, who can properly package in insulated packaging (with dry ice) and safely ship insulin pens to US??

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Hi @Lateage_Type_1, and welcome to TuD! This actually runs up against our Terms of Service. The legality of ordering medicines from Canada is debatable, and we therefore cannot allow posts encouraging members to do so on TuDiabetes. So I’ve had to cancel that discussion. Sorry for any confusion caused by the late response to this message. There’s lots of other great information here, though–hope you stick around!

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi, Im Luis, my 5 year old daughter was just diagnosed with T1D two weeks ago, its been challenging to say the least, we are still trying to keep her bg levels steady and it hasnt been easy…have started using the G6 and its certainly helped, but we are still fighting to keep her in good range.

looking forward to getting useful information for her through this forum.

thanks in advance to everyone, its been pretty devastating, more for us than for her…

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Hi Luis, so glad you’ve found this place. There are quite a few parents here and lots of discussions around the special issues those families have.

And this really strikes to the heart:

I’ve said many times that I think parents of T1s, especially very young kids, have a much harder time of it than the patients themselves. Every instinct you have tells you it’s your job to protect your kid and make sure they’re ok, which can make every BG spike or hypo feel like a judgment on your whole value as a parent. That way lies madness, of course, or at least a severe case of burnout. Nobody ever gets it perfectly right all the time, and it’s really important to get that perspective from other parents who know how it feels!

Beyond that, there’s tons of info and expertise here about treatment regimens, pumps, CGMS, technology and the like. We can be a huge help to you—hope you’ll dive in and ask questions!

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Hi, Luis. Welcome!

My son, Caleb, was diagnosed when he was 3. He’s now 16 and just started driving! :grimacing:

The diagnosis is definitely a punch in the gut. There is a lot to process, learn and adapt to, and it’s not easy. Take things one day, one issue and one bg at a time. You will start forming a foundation of knowledge and will continue to build on that. Don’t expect to learn everything in rapid form. Ask questions - we’re here to help. In time, things that are disorienting now, will become second nature.

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thank you for the kind words, I am really glad I found this forum.



thank you, I will definitely be glued to this forum. I am sure it will have tons of information for my wife and I to deal with this as best as we can.

have a great day.



Hello! I’m Tia. I’m an infection control nurse and a mom of three, married to my partner for going on 15 years. I’m in MN, though I continually wonder why! I was diagnosed as T2 18 years ago and had a rough time with oral medications. When the doctor suggested insulin I told the doc I wanted a pump. Of course, a T2 with a pump can be hard to get through insurance, so we did the autoimmune and GAD testing and lo and behold, I don’t make any insulin! Now considered LADA, I’m on my second pump and CGM and doing great with this part of my health.

I am also a breast cancer survivor and a mom of a 28 week preemie. I’m going on two years out from treatment and the preemie is now almost 4 and perfectly healthy. I had an aggressive type of cancer and am still holding my breath, waiting to see if it will come back. During chemo I learned my thyroid bit the dust and am still trying to sort out my Hashimoto’s disease. Chemo also gave me quite a few lingering side effects.

When I’m not managing my health care or working or being mom, I knit, sew, garden and am into comics, fan fiction, sci-fi, etc. Happy to be back to being more “me”. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Tia! Sounds like you have plenty on your plate health-wise in addition to T1. If you search the sight for “Hashimotos” and “thyroid” you’ll find a number of others dealing with those conditions, not surprising since they’re often fellow-travelers with T1. I think some of us have also had to deal with cancer treatments while trying to manage T1 at the same time as well.

Good to hear, me too! We have threads on art and non-D stuff as well. Glad to have you with us!

Hi Anthony! I read your post and hope to offer you some insight. I have been on the pump since 2008. I was not able to get my a1c below 8.0 without having alot of lows. Since being on the pump it has been a gamechanger. My a1cs have co distantly been in the 6’s. I have been a type1 for almost 34 years with no complications. The cgm and the pump are wonderful tools to help us manage our bgs.

My name is Dustin. I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with no insulin needed. I am not sure what oral medication I’ll be on yet as my doctor has to consult with my kidney specialist. I do have a glucometer at this time and am controlling it with carb counting and exercise when the weather gets better.

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Welcome to the forum Dustin! There are plenty of T2’s here, I think you’ll be in good company :slight_smile:

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