CGM and OmniPod

I read so much about one or the other. I would love to know how many of us T1's who are using both. I suppose it doesnt matter if the pump is Omni or MM or indeed another pump. But being the human link between the CGM and pump is what interests me. I read of many people having issues with both, but not the positives. I would be very glad to hear from those that have positive thoughts and advice on a few tricks that make life better ?

Thank you for posting this. I am looking forward to responses that I may learn from as well. I just started with a dexcom cgm and plan to go on omnipod soon. I'm type I for 25 years and recently hypo unaware so the dexcom alarms are my safety net. I'm hoping that I can transition to the pump without being too overwhelmed.

36 years on shots before going on the Dexcom first, then the Omnipod, both about a year ago. My A1c's have always been good and I've always watched and taken care of myself so I've never felt that urgency to go on a pump. After 36 years though, I had lost all warnings of hypoglycemia and have had some severe lows. I finally tried the Dexcom CGM, figuring if I can deal with that I might try a pump. It has been great at night by alerting me when it gets too low, I would sleep through if not for the CGM. It tends to be slow, so when I run it can't keep up with fast drops ( tends to be about 15 minutes behind so keep that in mind) and I still have to check but through the night it's perfect. Also when driving.
I fought the pump for years! Would not deal with that tubing. When I heard about the Omnipod I thought if I'm going to go pump that's the one. I love it. When people ask me about it and ask where is it? I have to feel around my body to remember where the heck I've place it!! If I HAD to go back to shots I could, like I said, I have always been in good control and taking shots never bothered me but the convenience and the tight control the pump allows is amazing. Now I can turn off all insulin when I run or work out. I can start with a blood sugar of 95 and end with a blood sugar of 93! It takes a lot of work and attention but it is pretty cool.
Recently an Omnipod rep told me that very soon they will have their new slimmer and smaller pod and I'm looking forward to that. They're also working on a Dexcom and Omnipod combined unit.
There are some negatives, you can have some failures and occlusions and I've always said that at least with a shot I knew that I was getting insulin, with the pump you're never quite sure when your blood sugars go up - why. Everyone's different and for some it's worth it, for others not.
Hopefully your insurance will cover both, if not they can be very expensive. Try the CGM first, if you can handle that then any of the pumps will be fine. Find one that you're comfortable with and give it a try. Many will let you try one and wear it first. Omnipod will send you a dummy demo to wear. If you don't like it you can always go back.

Why yes, I am using both and I LOVE it! I used to be on MDI and did not have a CGM. First, I went on the OmniPod and about three years later, I got the CGM. I feel that the two devices work wonderfully together. My answer probably sounds a bit cliche but with both the pump and the cgm, I am able to see my trends easier. I am also learning about previously undetected highs. With both, I am also able to cut things closer, knowing the ease of checking my blood sugar and the warning system for low bg's. Now, some advice to make your life easier. When you are first starting out on the CGM, (this is for Dexcom's), set your snooze alarm to 'off' so the device is not constantly buzzing. Also, I'm not sure what your profession is but, try to buy pants (or skirts) with pockets, so that you have somewhere to put the CGM. This will make things easier and you will not have something bouncing on your waist band as you walk around. I love having both and I think that everyone should have both! Good luck!

I will make u laugh - I work in the City of London !! So wear a suit. I have had suit made that has pockets for my Nav on the right and Omni on the left - no worries when working. However when out of school - where to you put 2 PDA's an iPhone and a Blackberry ??

I have been using Dexcom CGM since April of 2010 and the Omnipod since June 2010 perhaps. They are a convenient and powerful combination, but my sites are very sensitive (Omnipod only likes my arms and mixed results on legs). I do take a break every once and while and go back on MDI to give my arms and legs a rest (plus, ergonomics are not a plus on either Dexcom or Omnipod -- both of which will get smaller I suspect as the technology advances).

Overall, I do believe they provide a greater quality of care than MDIs and frequent testing (in my case at least), but I find that the CGM is the real boon to my management even with the any variations in accuracy, it is a great tool for seeing trends and direction of blood glucose.

Good luck, let us know how they start working out for you.

My son is on both Omnipod and Dexcom. I have lots of positive things to say about them, but don't have the time now. Will chime in later. :)

How many T1's are using both?
5% of T1's in the U.S. use a CGM. DexCom has about half the market. 60% of DexCom users are pump users.

Great - I am so glad to hear the positives of both OmniPod and Dexcom users - I have done my own work on the lack of Navigator users but that is not the issue. Its the fact that there are people using both the Pod and CGM. Its never "easy", but I have to say my bad days are now when I have to rememeber I should be thinking !! Not the other way round.