Wetting the Bed

I have a 7 year old who is using the OmniPod. It seems as though whenever his sugar is high at night he will wet the bed. This usually happens when his pump malfunctions and shuts off at night. I know that frequent urination is a symptom of having high blood sugar…but will he grow out of actually wetting the bed? I will hear him get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom so I know he gets up…I’m just curious if he becomes too exhausted to keep getting up or if he doesn’t have the urge to go and he just wets himself. At home I can manage it…change his sheets, clean the plastic mattress cover…and it is not too big of an issue. But he is getting older and I worry what will happen when he stays the night at a friends or goes away to college one day. So if anyone has kiddos that older I would love some input.

I would guess that since when you have high blood sugars you need to urinate more and you become very tired, this combination allows for the possibility of bedwetting. I am sure he will outgrow this but my son and I are both diabetics (he is 11 dx at age 8) and when our sugars are high we both have the need to urinate more and the days his sugars are high he sleep in.

I would not worry to much at this point (I am sure it is embarrassing but it is not his fault).

Good luck!!!


My son is also 7 and wets the bed when he is high while sleeping:-( I am hoping he outgrows it too! Hopefully someone will reply

I expect he will outgrow it... my 8 yo doesn't wet the bed, but I don't think he ever did, at least not regularly. He does get up to pee if he is high (it's a pretty good sign that he needs a correction if I hear him get up to pee). Sounds like you need to get rid of the omnipod! It just stops working at night?? I've never had a tubed pump do that. How high is his sugar? My son has to be pretty high to need to pee, like over 300, but he has a big bladder! good luck...

That was how I dx my son ... he started wetting the bed at night at age 12. I knew something was wrong. Once we got his sugars under control the bed wetting stopped. It was very embarrassing for him. :(

Now, the BIG question is ... the OmniPod just shuts off? No warning or you don't know why? Does this happen often?

Yes sometimes the Omnipod will just start beeping and then say to remove the pod and that insulin delivery has stopped :( There isn't a warning other than the beeping. Whenever we are leaving the house and going somewhere that we can't come back right away we always carry an extra pod and a vial of insulin. It doesn't happen that often....but it does happen. I've noticed that usually when it happens with one in a box it will usually happen again to another pod out of the same box. I will say though, Insulet is AMAZING at sending us replacement pods. All I have to do is call and they ship out a replacement. The benefits of the Omnipod definitely outweigh the negatives. It has been life-changing for us.

You need to look into why the pump stops working at night. The company that makes them might be able to help you. My daughter’s pump has never stopped working. That could be very dangerous.